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Incredible Bra Hack Turns Any Bra Backless

Incredible Bra Hack Turns Any Bra Backless

This is a must try!

We've all been there, with the perfect outfit but then our bra strap is ruining our backless vibe.

Well, a TikTok hack is promising to fix our wardrobe problems for good. The quick hack shows how to keep everything supported, with no ugly bra strap on show and we are hooked.

With over 135,000 likes, it's definitely worth a try!

Watch the video here:

The video shows influencer Kristina Kacheeva showing how she transforms a basic t-shirt bra into the perfect backless underwear, and all you'll need it a pair of scissors and some needle and thread.

Kristina takes the bra, cuts off the back part with the back clasp before sewing the straps to the cups.

The influencer adds that some people may need to use clothing tape for support, which can help stick the customised bra to the body.

Whilst the hack seems to work perfectly for Kristina, not everyone is convinced.

Some TikTok users were quick to point out that if you're bigger on top, it might not offer enough support.

Kristina modelled the new makeshift bra herself. (

One user commented: "DDD over here, this is a fail."

Another added: "yea no that wouldn't hold my girls up"

A third laughed: "Laughs in 38DDD …… actually I am crying"

One user pointed out that after trying the hack themselves, it didn't support and was uncomfortable to wear. They commented: "That doesn’t work. I’ve done it before. It really doesn’t feel comfy and never stay in the right place".

Voila, the perfect backless bra hack. (

Another user had the same experience, writing: "i made it.its one of the most uncomfortable thing I've ever wore in my life".

A third shared: "The part that secures behind you is what gives support… this would never work."

So the jury is out on whether it's comfortable or not, but if it means no ugly bra strap... then we're in!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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