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Kate Moss Gives Hilarious Answer When Quizzed About 'Coke'

Kate Moss Gives Hilarious Answer When Quizzed About 'Coke'

We see what you did there, Kate.

Kate Moss almost broke the internet this week when she dropped a subtle joke about her love of 'coke'.

Watch here:

The 48-year-old fashion legend had been speaking at a launch party for her collaboration with Diet Coke, after being named as the brand's new creative director earlier this month.

This Wednesday, Moss appeared at London's 180 The Strand to unveil the four new limited-edition Diet Coke can designs she had created - inspired by her many iconic looks over the years.

Talking through her decision to partner with the brand, the supermodel got a laugh from the crowd when she appeared to make a reference to her party girl days.

As seen in the footage captured by one audience member, Kate conceals a grin as she says: "Well, I've always loved Coke."

Kate Moss appeared to give a nod to her early 00's scandal.

Quickly spotting Moss's apparent nod to her infamous drug use scandal, the crowd erupted in laughter.

In 2005, the model was dropped from a number of fashion campaigns with the likes of Burberry, H&M, and Chanel after being faced with drug use allegations from a British tabloid.

The following year, all charges against her were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

After the clip was shared to TikTok, users couldn't believe their ears, and praised Moss for the light-hearted jab.

"She did not just..." one shook TikToker wrote.

"Ugh I love her" commented a second.

"Reigning queen Miss Kate Moss" raved a third.

"She knew what she was doing with that", suggested a fourth.

"I had to think for a second, love it", added a fifth.

Discussing her decision to join the Diet Coke family, Kate said in a statement: "I love the past collaborations they’ve done with such incredible names in fashion.

"The ‘Love What You Love’ campaign connected with me instantly as I am a firm believer that with confidence and passion, you can achieve your wildest dreams.

"As creative Ddrector, I’m looking forward to inspiring fans and celebrating the brand’s 40th Birthday in style."

Kate Moss made headlines earlier this year when she found herself embroiled in the controversial Depp Vs Heard court case.

Kate, who had dated Johnny Depp from 1994 to 1998 was called as a witness for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to dispel rumours that Depp had pushed her down a flight of stairs during a holiday to Jamaica.

The British model clarified that Depp had never pushed, kicked, or thrown her down any stairs, and offered testimony about their four-year relationship.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@zakmaoui

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