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A lip reader has shared what they believe Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were saying to one another in their latest red carpet exchange, which many fans thought looked heated.

The couple have become well-known for seemingly tense conversations in public, having famously been seen bickering – well, apparently – at the Grammys earlier this year.

The duo unintentionally became the event's biggest viral moment when cameras captured an awkward moment at their table during one of host Trevor Noah’s skits.

The couple at the Grammys earlier this year.

People assumed that Lopez didn't seem best pleased with whatever her husband said as they looked to have a quick back and forth.

She then put her hand to her chest and appeared to tell her hubby to 'sit up straight'.

People later jumped to similar conclusions when footage from the after party of the Shotgun Wedding premiere surfaced.

“You can legit feel them exhausting one another,” one TikTok user said, while others defended the pair.

“Seriously, ppl listen to one podcast about body language and think they’ve got a full degree and 30 years in experience,” another fumed.

Now Lopez and Affleck – who got married last year – are in the headlines again after appearing together at the premiere for her new movie The Mother.

Photos of them on the red carpet gave the impression that things weren’t too peachy, with Affleck leaning in to his wife with a frustrated expression.

Some thought Affleck and Lopez's red carpet exchange was fraught.

But video footage of the moment from another angle suggested things may not have been as tense as stills suggested, showing the pair smiling at one another and even kissing on the lips.

Affleck leans in to speak to her, presumably because it’s hard to hear one another amid the chaos of the event, before Lopez begins to walk off.

Affleck then quickly leans back in to her to say something, with both gesturing to one side – seeming to be discussing the logistics of something.

According to one lip reader, the A-listers were mainly speaking about how and where they should pose for photographers.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the ‘expert lipreader’ - who, we should probably point out, was unnamed – said Lopez appeared to ask her husband whether or not her low cut top was 'showing too much', prompting him to respond that it was fine.

Affleck and Lopez attended the red carpet premiere for The Mother.

They then seemed to speak with the assembled photographers, trying to work out where they should stand.

“Throughout a clip of the interchange, the couple seem to interact in a friendly manner, though at times look as though the fraught atmosphere may be causing some stress,” the outlet reported.

The lip reader claims that, after they found a spot to pose in, Affleck told Lopez to come closer to him, before leaning into her ear and saying: “Don't worry, babe.”

Lopez then apparently said: “Come close to me.”

Once they’d finished posing for pics, Affleck then said ‘that’s us done’, before kissing Lopez and asking if she’s OK.

“Yes,” she responded, according to the lip reader, before saying they both needed to ‘step over there’.

Tyla has reached out to a rep for the couple.

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