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Gordon Ramsay praised by fans after sharing sweet kiss with four-year-old son Oscar

Gordon Ramsay praised by fans after sharing sweet kiss with four-year-old son Oscar

British icon Gordon Ramsay has been praised by fans for a sweet photo he posted of himself with his son Oscar.

Gordon Ramsay has been praised by fans after sharing a rather sweet kiss with his four-year-old son Oscar.

We all know the legendary UK chef for his tough attitude in the kitchen, shouting and swearing at fellow kitchen staff on shows such as Kitchen Nightmares.

But fans love him for his blunt attitude in the kitchen, which certainly makes him one of the most loved British icons.

Despite what comes across on TV, Ramsay can often show a rather different side to himself on social media.

This is particularly the case with one of his more recent posts, as he spent Easter Sunday with his family in Cornwall.

Gordon Ramsay of course took some snaps of his food.
Facebook/Gordon Ramsey

Included in the snaps were of course some food, with Ramsay out and about enjoying what looks like a rather delicious burger.

Another one of the snaps included in the post was an adorable picture of Ramsay spending some lovely family time with Oscar.

With wife Tina, Ramsay shares children Megan, 24, twins Holly and Jack, 23, and Tilly, 21.

The sweet picture sees the celebrity chef share a kiss with his son in the seaside town of Rock.

Ramsay also posted a photo of Oscar enjoying a nice slice of cake in Rock's newest restaurant, known as the Four Boys Café.

And the new cafe will be thrilled to see that Ramsay is a big fan of their food, as he heaped praise on the cuisine on social media.

"A new star is born in Rock congratulations," he wrote on Facebook.

"Delicious food, smash burger to die for elegant tomato salad, really friendly Cornish service, the restaurant is literally days old and what an amazing start well done!"

Gordon Ramsay has been praised for the cute photo.
Facebook/Gordon Ramsey

But it was the sweet father son moment that had a lot of fans of the celebrity chef talking on Facebook, with hundreds of them flocking to the comment section.

"This is by far one of the most gorgeous photos of you I have ever seen! You are a blessed man indeed!" one person commented.

A second added: "This picture is priceless! Oscar is so adorable! Thank you for sharing this precious picture with all of us!"

A third remarked: "I always think of Chef Ramsay as tough on the outside, but soft and kind on the inside. This is truly that soft, loving side."

And finally, a fourth wrote: "This is an adorable picture of you and Oscar, so precious. Love you Chef Ramsay!"

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Gordon Ramsey

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