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Gordon Ramsay shares secret to cooking amazing turkey this Christmas

Gordon Ramsay shares secret to cooking amazing turkey this Christmas

Planning on cooking the turkey for the family this year? Gordan Ramsay has shared his secret to perfecting it for the Christmas dinner.

While Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy with your friends and family, the big day can be a stressful one for a lot of people.

One of those Christmas day stresses for the chef in particular is the turkey for the Christmas lunch.

When you are potentially feeding the whole family or a group of friends, it can be a big pressure to make sure the main bit is spot on.

But fear not people in charge of the Christmas dinner this year, Gordan Ramsay has shared his secret to cooking amazing turkey. Watch it below:

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday (17 December), Ramsay alongside fellow guests got onto the subject of eating on Christmas day.

He said: "I don't like eating three times a day on Christmas day, so we don't start brunch until like 10:30/11am."

This prompted host Jonathan Ross to confirm that Ramsay does not have the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner on the big day.

He said: "No, exactly. Just a sort of late breakfast - 11:30am/12pm - and then Christmas lunch at around 5:30/6pm.

"That way you eat twice, and the pressure to get it ready for 2 in the afternoon is insane."

Gordon Ramsay explained his secrets to the perfect turkey.
The Jonathan Ross Show/ YouTube

Ross then asks Ramsay what is special about his Christmas dinner, as he is obviously one of the most well-known chefs worldwide.

The chef then instantly responds 'my turkey', to which Ross asks what Ramsay does with his turkey.

He said: "I base it, I brine - [in] big plastic tubs that when you come off the base, you step inside, you fill it with water, and we brine it in that.

"Then we line it with this little truffle butter and then half roast it - take it out, turn it upside down."

This then leads to comedian and TV presenter Michael McIntyre interjecting by saying "we've gone up a notch."

Guests were impressed by how Ramsay does his turkey.
foodfolio / Alamy Stock Photo

Ramsay continues: "The secret in a great Turkey is in resting.

"You've got to let it rest for at least two hours before you start slicing it, I think it.

"I'm turning the bird around every half hour."

So it's all about the resting when it comes to the turkey, according to Ramsay.

And as Christmas day can be a hectic one for a lot of us, them two hours are perfect to open a few more presents.

Featured Image Credit: The Jonathan Ross Show / Gordon Ramsay / YouTube

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