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Glee Star Speaks Out After Lea Michele Joins Funny Girl On Broadway

Glee Star Speaks Out After Lea Michele Joins Funny Girl On Broadway

Ware previously accused Michele of committing 'traumatic microaggressions' against her.

Glee star Samantha Ware has weighed in on the news that Lea Michele will be replacing Beanie Fieldstein in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl.

This comes after the pair came to blows on the hit show, which resulted in Ware accusing Michele of committing 'traumatic microaggressions' against her as they filmed the sixth season of Glee.

Ware wrote: "Yes, I'm online today. Yes, I see y'all. Yes, I care. Yes, I'm affected. Yes, I'm human. Yes, I'm Black. Yes, I was abused. Yes, my dreams were tainted. Yes, Broadway upholds whiteness. Yes, Hollywood does the same. Yes, silence is complicity. Yes, I'm loud. Yes, I'd do it again."

This tweet did not go unnoticed with Glee fans on Twitter.

One fan pleaded: "PLEASEEEEEE Stop wishing lea michele hate, she has suffered enough for her actions and has publicly asked for forgiveness. You are only relevant when you speak Lea Michele's name, live your life and leave Lea alone [sic]."

"How on Earth does her getting a job apply to you?" questioned a second. "So she was mean to you. Oookkk [sic]. She apologised. Is she never supposed to work again? This is not a good look on you. Move forward."

Meanwhile, a third advised: "You should learn to forgive and move on with your life just like Lea does!"

However, some fans said that they would not forget that Michele allegedly did to Ware.

"We won't forget what she did to you," wrote one Twitter user. "It's a damn shame that so many apparently have (or pretend to)."

"Thinking about you. Sending love," added a second. "Thank you for being a powerful, beautiful, truth teller. I'm sorry this industry and too many fans of it - through action or inaction, are subjecting you to being re-traumatised. I see you. I believe you. I will not be seeing that show."

Ware previously opened up about Michele's alleged racist actions in a now-deleted tweet.

She wrote: "LMAO remember when you made my first television gig a living hell?!?! Cause I'll never forget. I believe you told everyone if [you] had the opportunity you would 'sh*t in my wig!'"

Samantha Ware in 2019.

Ware also received some industry support for her decision to slam Michele in light of her new Broadway role.

Actor and writer Ryan Ken tweeted: "It's wild that the decision to tell the truth about the people who tormented you at work is a career risk, but you can stay booked and busy as one of the tormentors."

Fieldstein announced that she was leaving the Broadway production two months earlier than expected, as reported by Buzzfeed News, citing 'creative differences'.

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