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Britney Spears' husband breaks silence on why she's quit social media

Britney Spears' husband breaks silence on why she's quit social media

The singer deactivated her Instagram account earlier this month

Britney Spears' husband Sam Asghari has opened up on why the singer has decided to take a step back from social media after previously sharing multiple posts a day.

Anyone who follows Spears on Instagram will know the singer isn't shy when it comes to sharing pictures and videos, being known to share the same image with different filters or various clips from a dancing session.

In comparison, the last few days have been quiet in the Spears-verse, with the singer's last post on Instagram coming five days ago in dedication to her children, with her last post on TikTok shared one day earlier.

It was one of seven posts shared the same day, prompting confusion and concern from some fans as to why Spears was being so active, but the silence that followed only sparked more fear among fans.

Taking to Twitter to share their concerns, one fan wrote: "Okay I’m on Britney Spears TikTok somehow and I’m legit having full anxiety over the fact that her instagram is gone and we don’t know where she is and all these fake videos LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON."

Presumably in a bid to alleviate the concerns, Asghari decided to speak out on the matter with a statement shared on his Instagram Story.

The Iranian-American model, who married Spears earlier this year, pointed out social media can be 'traumatising' and stressed that 'sometimes it's good to take a break'.

Asghari defended his wife on Instagram.

"She has her voice and is a free woman. I have respect for her privacy and I protect it at all times," he continued.

"Thank you to all of her protective fans. Out of respect for her privacy I don't post her 247. I ask for permission if I ever do. "For my job I have to attend many events. It would be my honour if she joins. For her those things are not fun. "They're hictic [sic] and full of stress. Specially, since she's been doing these things since 8 years old. Plus she already slayed every single one she has been to."

Concluding his statement, Asghari wrote: "I've always respected and supported her privacy with everything I've had. I ask of you supportive and protective fans to do the same. Sometimes being over protective can cause more stress and damage."

Spears deactivated her Instagram account entirely earlier this week for the fourth time in the past five months, though her page is now live for fans to take a look at.

Featured Image Credit: Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo/ britneyspears/Instagram

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