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Britney Spears' latest post sparks concern amongst fans

Britney Spears' latest post sparks concern amongst fans

Fans are confused about Britney Spears' latest video.

Fans are confused about Britney Spears' latest video.

Look, the pop princess is no stranger to Instagram posts, in fact, we love her candidness.

Still, fans were a little confused this week when she shared a video of her husband, Sam Asghari, with a voiceover which some believed didn't quite sound like her. Judge for yourself here:

The singer shared the video this Tuesday (8 November), with the caption: "Here’s my husband !!! He’s been gone working !!! Supposed to be a week, but ended up being a whole month … it was really hard … he’s home now acting up … I know he’s pretty hot."

In the video, the 'Lucky' singer spurs on her husband saying 'baby that's hot' and 'kill 'em' as he hits a punching bag.

There were a load of comments on her Instagram.
Alamy / Pictorial Press Ltd

But, as with anything on the internet, a seemingly wholesome moment between the couple became a source of speculation.

One user questioned whether the 'Circus' singer posted the video at all: "Ummmm her team*** who ever the fck that is posts stuff like this when ppl start questioning fr .... Like how sketchy is that? Nothing about this is natural... Nothing!!! Where the hell is she!! And who the hell is controlling her still! Why do we only see her doing the same things in the old house just like when in the conservatorship . ?? what's going on. We need a LIVE interview!!!!"

Another said: "That voice sounds nothing like Britney……."

While a third said: "Who the hell is that talking?? I wonder who took that video cos it sure wasn’t Britney!!"

Some believed that it wasn't Britney's voice.
Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

One questioned the frequency of her posts: "This is your sixth Instagram post in the latest 24 hours, and SUDDENLY your man comes home? Just like that? Weird."

The concerned fans seem to be suggesting that Britney is somehow still under the control of her conservatorship, which ended a year ago.

While another hit back at those questioning the video, saying: "Y'all it's literally Britney's voice! If you all want to keep saying "that's not Britney" and "it's a different person" do it elsewhere, maybe in a speculation group, but not here. I feel like people have only heard her voice when she's talking in Interviews and in her audio clips, this is her talking normally."

Sam even got involved, sarcastically commenting on the video: "That doesn’t look like Sam. Where Sam?" before following up with "You should breakup with him and come with me."

What do you think of the video? And, more importantly, why aren't there boxing classes for couples?

Tyla has reached out to Britney's team for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/britneyspears

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