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Britney Spears praises Pamela Anderson's children for standing up for her

Britney Spears praises Pamela Anderson's children for standing up for her

The singer had high praise for the Baywatch star's sons.

Britney Spears has praised Pamela Anderson's sons for sticking by their mum in the wake of a documentary being released about the Baywatch star.

Following the release of Pamela, a love story to Netflix, the 55-year-old model has found herself in the headlines as the documentary did a deep-dive into her life and career.

Many fans had been quick to applaud Anderson's sons for standing by their mum, who opened up in the film about her being objectified in the media after the release of a sex tape with then-husband Tommy Lee.

Speaking at the premiere of the documentary, Anderson's 26-year-old son Brandon Lee told a reporter: "You know, I've never met a woman as brave as my mother.

Pamela Anderson's sons spoke proudly of their mother.

"I think a lot of sons would say that but I truly mean that [...] She's been a bulldog protecting me and my brother my whole life."

These comments evidently touched Britney Spears, who took to Instagram to commend Brandon for his kind words.

In an Instagram caption on a now-deleted post, the 41-year-old singer wrote: "I'm such a fan of Pamela Anderson. She was the only sex icon at one time in America and she still is!!!

"I really respect the fact that her children stood up for her relating to the fact that people were trying to sell her story from the past!!!

"They said 'why the hell bring up things that happened 20 years ago if that really messed up my mom???'

"Referring to the embarrassing subject being sold in a comedic TV comparison ... he's right!!! He went on to say because of the embarrassment she went through a very dark period in her life..."

Spears then made reference to her own personal struggles, writing: "I mean when I read THAT, I was like DAMN!!! With 4 documentaries released about me last year with people I adore speaking about my past!!! THAT alone was almost as hard as what I went through in my past.

Britney Spears commended Pamela Anderson's sons for speaking highly of their mum.
Loose Women/ITV

"So Pamela gave me an understanding that people should support you exactly where you are in that moment of your life..."

These comments appear to make reference to Spears' highly publicised dispute with her family, who she accused of taking advantage of her during a 13-year conservatorship.

In the wake of the discussed family feud, Spears has been estranged from her two sons: Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16.

Speaking to documentary maker Daphne Barak in September, the two youngsters expressed their hopes of reconciling with their famous mother.

Jayden said: "I 100% think this can be fixed. It's just going to take a lot of time and effort. I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better I really want to see her again."

Fans of Spears have criticised the boys via social media and held up Anderson's sons as an example.

One fan wrote: "Britney's sons could learn a thing or two from Pamela Anderson's sons," while another tweeted: "Well, they’re a lot younger and it’s a completely different situation for them. Give them time and see what happens."

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