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BGT's Bruno Tonioli has judges fearing they're 'about to get fired' after breaking huge rule on show

BGT's Bruno Tonioli has judges fearing they're 'about to get fired' after breaking huge rule on show

Simon Cowell was left with his head in his hands after the blunder

Britain's Got Talent newcomer Bruno Tonioli had his fellow judges worrying they were all 'about to get fired' after he broke a huge rule on the show.

The former Strictly Come Dancing judge joined BGT for its ongoing 16th season following the departure of David Walliams, and Simon Cowell made clear he had high hopes for the new addition as he said he was a 'completely ­natural fit on the show'.

Natural fit or not, though, Tonioli hasn't been shy in causing a bit of chaos for the other judges.

Britain's Got Talent was cancelled on Saturday (13 May) to avoid a clash with Eurovision, but it returned on Sunday with contestant Gamal John among those taking the stage.

The singer blew judges away with his performance of 'It's A Man's Man's Man's World' by James Brown, and the crowd were quick to show their support as they started to chant 'press the buzzer'.

Tonioli gave in and decided to hit the coveted Golden Buzzer - a move which would have been fine, if Tonioli hadn't already hit the buzzer once this series.

Tonioli joined BGT for its 16th season.

Fans of the show will know the judges typically only get one chance each to use the Golden Buzzer and send an act through to the live semi-finals, so Tonioli broke a key rule by hitting the button for a second time.

"I have to do it," he shouted before pressing the golden button and leaving his fellow judges stunned.

While Cowell covered his face to hide away from the disastrous situation, Amanda Holden shouted out Tonioli to ask him what he'd done.

From off-stage, Ant shouted: "What the hell? That's not allowed."

The unprecedented move left the judges fearing they could all get in trouble for Tonioli's actions, with Cowell himself saying: "Erm, we are about to get fired..."

The poor contestant was left hanging as the judges decided what to do after Tonioli pressed the button, but Cowell decided to step in and take action.

"Bruno is a new judge and if you give something you can't take it away," he said.

Cowell was left fearing the judges would get 'fired'.

The Golden Buzzer was granted and Gamal was officially sent through to the semi-finals along with Tonioli's first choice, dance group Ghetto Kids.

The judge hit the button for the group earlier in the series, though he messed with tradition yet again as he pressed the buzzer mid-performance instead of at the end.

The dancers were left trying to perform as confetti rained down on them, and afterwards Tonioli had to admit that he'd 'got it wrong'.

The judge might be a bit trigger-happy when it comes to the buzzer, but at least he's made some hopeful performers happy too!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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