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Mother gives up BGT audition to 15-year-old daughter in show first

Mother gives up BGT audition to 15-year-old daughter in show first

Her daughter thought she was there to support her mum before being told she'd be auditioning instead

A kind-hearted mum gave up her Britain’s Got Talent audition place to let her daughter perform instead.

Mum Claire pretended to daughter Tia that she was going to be auditioning for the show, even keeping up the pretence by telling hosts Ant and Dec that she was feeling ‘very nervous’.

However, when she stepped out in front of judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli, Claire admitted that she was actually here so her 15-year-old daughter could audition.

Tia thought she was going along to the audition to support her mum.

In emotional scenes, Claire said: “She thinks it’s me auditioning. She’s got me through some very hard times in my life. I feel like I owe her so I’m giving my audition to my daughter.

“I’m giving my audition up today for Tia. This is my way of saying she’s fabulous and she deserves it, because she’s an incredible person.”

Tia then joined her mum on stage and the pair shared a hug. A visibly emotional Tia was told by Alesha to go and take some time and come back and perform later.

And she did - and not only that but she absolutely smashed it.

The schoolgirl did a rendition of 'I Didn't Know My Own Strength' by Whitney Houston, and explained that the song had a poignant meaning for her as it had helped her when she was being bullied.

The judges were blown away by Tia’s audition, with Amanda telling her she had a ‘massive career ahead of her', and Bruno commenting that she had an ‘incredible quality because you were singing from your soul’.

Simon told her: "That's how you do it."

He then commented on the sweet gesture from Claire, adding: "I really love moments like this, you didn't know you were going to audition, your mum set you up, I'll just sing Whitney Houston then, like it's normal.

"That's very sweet what you did for your daughter because I'm guessing without you doing that she wouldn't have auditioned. I absolutely loved this audition."

Tia smashed her audition.

Viewers were equally impressed by Tia’s performance and were moved by Claire’s selfless act.

Taking to Twitter one fan commented: “WOW! That was amazing. Tia, you are a Superstar. Thank you, Tia’s mum for getting her on stage. That audition was amazing.”

Another said: “That audition of Tia is amazing and proof that a mother daughter love is the best in this world.”

A third posted: “What a great mum Tia has... you could see Tia’s confidence shine through as the performance went on.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock

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