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Britain's Got Talent leaked footage shows what really happens when Golden Buzzer is hit

Britain's Got Talent leaked footage shows what really happens when Golden Buzzer is hit

It's not quite the magical moment you see on TV

On TV it's all slow-motion; an arm reaching for the Golden Buzzer and the contestant's face lighting up with joy as they realise they've made it straight through to the Britain's Got Talent live shows. But what really happens when that shiny button is pressed?

The fancy-looking button joined the talent show as a new twist a few years back, and in the years since it's allowed the judges to each save one contestant from being sent home, and instead propel them straight through to the show's live semi-finals.

The latest series of Britain's Got Talent is now underway and some of the judges have already hit the button, with Amanda Holden the latest to send an act through as she chose 11-year-old Olivia Lynes as her Golden Buzzer act.

Fans of the show will know the Golden Buzzer causes a flurry of shiny confetti to rain down on the lucky contestant - but one person who was in the audience when Lynes performed has lifted the lid on what the scene looks like in real life.

In a post on Twitter, audience member Adam Khan shared a sneaky video from the crowd - one that looked quite different from the usual slow-motion glee that plays out on TV.

Amanda Holden chose Olivia Lynes for her Golden Buzzer.

The video showed three men on the stage alongside Lynes; one holding up a machine to spray golden confetti in the direction of the contestant, and two working to capture her reaction on camera.

Alongside the video, Khan indicated that the moment was a 'reshoot' of the Golden Buzzer, indicating that the first shoot really is a surprise.

But in order to get all the TV-worthy angles, it seems that the moment is recreated at least once.

"Golden Buzzer reshoots aren't as cool looking in real life than all the slow-mo stuff you see on the TV," Khan wrote.

"It's just a guy blowing confetti onto the contestant while cameras film in slow motion..."

The revelation has left fans of the show stunned, with many shocked to see the trickery that goes into getting the shot.

"Clips like these that shock how fixed this show is," one person commented.

Leaked footage revealed a man shooting confetti towards the contestant.

Simon Cowell has previously revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that there might be more Golden Buzzers than usual in the latest series of the show, saying: "I don't want to give too much away. [But] there is one Golden Buzzer moment - it wasn't really supposed to happen because we'd run out and it was kind of chaotic at this moment because the audience really did not let this go.

"I thought, they're not going to leave. So, we kind of said: 'Why don't we just give the audience a golden buzzer?' and that's what happened."

Britain's Got Talent continues this Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Twitter/@Adam_Khan100

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