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Amanda Holden reveals why she doesn’t touch a drop of alcohol before BGT

Amanda Holden reveals why she doesn’t touch a drop of alcohol before BGT

The BGT judge doesn't need any Dutch courage before she goes live.

Appearing on live television is a daunting enough prospect as it is, but appearing live on Britain's Got Talent, where anything can happen, is a whole other kettle of fish.

To soothe their jitters, some might opt for a cheeky drink before the show starts, but Amanda Holden likes to stay stone cold sober on filming days for one key reason.

The presenter has appeared as a BGT judge since 2007, so you just know she's got her pre-show rituals down to an art by now.

Amanda won't touch a drop of alcohol before BGT.
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Sharing all of her beauty secrets with Express, the 52-year-old revealed: "The week before [the show] I do try and get extra sleep.

"I don’t drink whilst I’m doing Britain’s Got Talent and the week before just so I’m clear, clean, and fabulous."

So that's how she gets that on-camera glow!

The presenter also puts her gorgeous skin down to all the water she drinks and surrounding herself with good energy.

"I drink loads of water because I'm on Heart Breakfast every morning. I don't deny myself anything. I think being happy and confident shines," she revealed.

"I've got good people around me, I surround myself with good people, and I put my energy into the people who deserve it. I don't try to people please as much as I did anymore."

Although Amanda follows the strict no-alcohol policy while she's at work, she revealed she refuses to restrict herself when it comes to diet because she 'loves food too much.'

Amanda refuses to drink while she's filming Britain's Got Talent.

After this week on Britain's Got Talent, it's easy to see how avoiding alcohol can come in handy for Amanda - particularly when she's being brought on stage to help a contestant with his terrifying stunt.

On Saturday night, Amanda was called on stage as a volunteer for Andrew Stanton's mind-boggling trick, which was so utterly shocking that her fellow judges had to look away.

Amanda was asked to lay down on the ground while Andrew attached her to a heavy chain, that just so happened to be hooked to his eye sockets.

Standing above Amanda, he then proceeded to pick her up from the floor, using only his eyes.

After he completed his performance, which left the entire audience wincing and presenters Ant and Dec screaming in horror from the wings, Amanda admitted: "That was horrific."

A man lifted Amanda up with his eye sockets this week.

Simon Cowell added: "I mean this as a compliment: it was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen."

I bet she was glad she didn't have a drink before that stunt - though I wouldn't be surprised if she needed one after!

Featured Image Credit: ITV/SOPA Images Limited / Alamy Stock Photo

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