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Woman covered in tattoos leaves people shocked as she shares what she looked like before

Woman covered in tattoos leaves people shocked as she shares what she looked like before

This is seriously impressive.

A woman who is covered in tattoos has left her followers shocked after sharing what she looked like before.

Orylan, who hails from Houston, Texas, found fame on TikTok after sharing her striking look. Check out the video here:

The tattoo apprentice sports tattoos on her arms, legs, torso and even her forehead, while she also opted to permanently tattoo her eyeballs too.

Meanwhile, Orylan, who is also an OnlyFans model, also wears tooth gems and had her tongue split to complete her look.

But she wasn’t born with tattoos, obviously, and didn’t shy away when one fan asked what she looked like when she was younger.

They asked Orylan: “Hey queen can we see a picture of you without tattoos or when you were younger?”

And she gave the people what they asked for, sharing a slew of photos of herself prior to her tattoo transformation.

She has a striking look.
@orylandoesnotexist / TikTok

Before undergoing her no-doubt many tattoo appointments, Orylan used to have subtle makeup and light blonde hair.

But she then showed a photo of herself as she began to experiment with tattoos and bright colours alongside her blonde locks.

Now, she has swapped out her light hair for dark locks, facial piercings and an impressive collection of ink along her forehead and cheeks.

"The transformation is crazy," one fan penned. "Either way you are you and it’s lovely."

"She looks happier now," another person commented.

And another person called people out who were telling her that she looked better without her mods: "why y’all hating for something SHE likes? how does it affect any of you."

Orylan explained herself that she opted for the upside-down butterfly tattoo on her forehead because they are 'beautiful'.

She didn't always have so many tattoos.
@orylandoesnotexist / TikTok

She told her YouTube subscribers: "Butterflies are beautiful creatures... But you don't really think about the inside of a butterfly or who they are or what they are.

"You just see pretty wings, an outer shell... Butterflies can be so beautiful, but they can be so deceiving. I view a lot of people like this."

But honestly, we just love her confidence and happiness as a result of her transformation.

Elsewhere in self-love TikTok makeovers, one mum made sure she was looking glam before giving birth by getting her lashes done and curling her hair into bouncy waves, saying she was ‘getting ready’ each day in case her baby was ready to arrive.

Agnes Zoppa (@agneszoppa), 21, shared a video last month that showed her hair beautifully curled and held in place with grips, writing: “Labour prep.”

And in another video, Agnes shared her makeup routine for ‘labour prep day 2’, showing fellow TikTokers as she applied foundation to her face.

“Aaaand she’ll probably come through the night anyway,” she wrote.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@orylandoesnotexist

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