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Mum got lashes done and did her hair before going into labour to look glam giving birth

Mum got lashes done and did her hair before going into labour to look glam giving birth

Agnes Zoppa (@agneszoppa) shared a TikTok video showing off her beautifully coiffed hair and big lashes ahead of going into labour

A mum made sure she was looking glam before giving birth by getting her lashes done and curling her hair into bouncy waves, saying she was ‘getting ready’ each day in case her baby was ready to arrive.

Agnes Zoppa (@agneszoppa), 21, shared a video last month that showed her hair beautifully curled and held in place with grips, writing: “Labour prep.”

In the caption she added: “Getting ready every day in case my baby makes an [appearance].”

Agnes, from Manchester, then cut to the final look, showing off her big, luscious curls as she mimed to lyrics to Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’, saying: “Daddy don’t know mumma’s getting hot, got her bills to drop, doing something unholy.”

Agnes had her hair perfectly curled in case the baby came.

She also had perfectly preened eyebrows and big, voluminous lashes.

In another video, Agnes shared her makeup routine for ‘labour prep day 2’, showing fellow TikTokers as she applied foundation to her face.

“Aaaand she’ll probably come through the night anyway,” she wrote.

In the comments, people were fairly divided about the approach, with some saying they couldn’t ‘understand’ why she was going to all the effort, while others said they’d done the same and felt so much ‘better’.

There's no denying she looked STUNNING.

“I looked a right mess when I went in Labour,” one wrote.

“I honestly didn’t care though it was hurting to much to care”.

Another said: “Something I will never understand.”

When someone said it would ‘all be off’ during labour, Agnes replied: “I don’t doubt it, just a little confidence boost.”

Agnes also made sure her makeup looked great.

Others admitted to doing the same, with one saying they felt ‘so much better in labour’ after a little bit of TLC beforehand.

Someone else commented: “Haha this was me!! Every night I would blow dry my hair! Make sure I was tan, nails lashes etc and it did pay off! I had some lovely photos and felt SO much better than with my first where I was a gremlin.”

Agnes also shared what she looked like when the moment finally came.

One person also asked what products Agnes used to get her look, to which she responded: “Too faced plump and prime primer, Sephora glow perfection foundation, Sephora own concealer, Laura Mercier setting powder, Fenty contour stick, Pink Honey brow soap, Mac eyebrows styler, velvet teddy lipstick Mac and Mac cork liner, Benefit galifornia blusher, Charlotte Tilbury airbrush bronzer, Mac setting powder and Urban Decay naked highlight”.

Agnes later revealed she had given birth to a baby girl named Vienna, having shared the first few weeks of mum life in further TikTok videos – still, amazingly, looking as glam as ever.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@agneszoppa

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