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Skincare Expert Reveals How Long You Should Be Washing Your Face For

Skincare Expert Reveals How Long You Should Be Washing Your Face For

Our skincare routines just got a bit longer...

It turns out we might have been washing our faces the wrong way this whole time - whoops!

According to a TikTok from qualified skincare consultant and facial practitioner Mattie Lacey-Davidson (@mattie.skincare) you probably aren't washing your face for long enough each day.

See what she has to say here:

The TikTok influencer insisted that you should be washing your face for at least 60 seconds before you rinse in order to let your cleansers work their magic.

While it's definitely a step we've been missing in our skincare routine, we can't argue with Mattie's logic.

She told her followers: "Think about it. It's a wash-off product so it needs time on the skin to work. I always do it for 60 seconds. If I'm double-cleansing, that's 60 seconds each."

This skincare consultant has just blown our minds. (

We know. what you're thinking - 60 seconds is a long time to for washing your face, right?

Well one multi-tasking queen has already come up with the perfect solution.

Taking to the comments section, one viewer wrote: "Face wash on... brush teeth... wash off face wash."

That's our new routine sorted.


TikTok is giving us a whole new stream of beauty tips and tricks to try, including one unexpected hack that promises to give your makeup a much smoother look.

The video in question shows TikTok user @gwmakeup wetting a beauty blender sponge under a tap and then putting it into the freezer, insisting that a frozen beauty blender will give your face a smooth, flawless finish.

Those who have tried the hack confirmed that it leaves you with smooth and natural looking skin, and the cooling sensation from the frozen sponge is also quite pleasing, but some sceptics theorised you already need ‘"flawless" skin in order for it to work.

So many trends to try and so little time!

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