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Ulrika Jonsson says she avoids looking in mirrors as her 'face is collapsing'

Ulrika Jonsson says she avoids looking in mirrors as her 'face is collapsing'

The former model says ageing isn't 'as fun as she hoped'

Ulrika Jonsson has said she avoids looking in mirrors because her 'face is collapsing'.

The former model has opened up about dealing with ageing, and how she finds it difficult to accept she is getting older.

And the 55-year-old claims that it's not quite 'as fun as she hoped' it would be.

Writing in The Sun, Jonsson said she hates looking at herself in mirrors.

"We’ve been programm­ed to pick ourselves apart, to tell ourselves we’re not good enough or to find all the faults," the former Gladiators presenter explained.

"Because historically, culturally and societally, we’re never slim enough or fat enough or tall enough. We don’t have the right size boobs or cheekbones or luscious thick eyebrows.”

Ulrika Jonsson says she doesn't like looking in mirrors.
Matt Crossick/Alamy

"I admit, I do it daily, I try to avoid mirrors for that very reason, because I will look into them and pull everything about me apart.

"In my youth, I might have been displeased by the size of my snout but I always knew a bit of blusher on my cheek made the world a better place. Fast forward to my fifties and putting my face on takes an hour."

She added: "All I see is how my face is collapsing and diminishing – except for the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin. There’s plenty of them."

Jonsson previously revealed that she generally dates younger men because of her high sex drive.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said she feels as "naughty, silly and ridiculous" as she ever did.

"I’m not ageist by any means. I’m an equal opportunities dater, so by all means apply!" Jonsson told the outlet.

"I’m 55 now, but I feel rejuvenated and energetic. I genuinely still feel as naughty, silly and ridiculous as I ever did."

Her latest comments, though, come after Max George slammed Jonsson after the TV host described his girlfriend Maisie Smith as 'attention-seeking'.

The singer began dating EastEnders star Maisie earlier this year, and the pair have been joined at the hip from day one - even sparking engagement rumours as recently as this week while on holiday in Cyprus.

Max George slammed Jonsson after the TV host described his girlfriend Maisie Smith as 'attention-seeking'.

But for a moment, fans were concerned that the couple had called it quits when Maisie posted a since-deleted video of herself crying to TikTok.

In the video, Maisie had been mouthing along to the song 'Evergreen (You Didn't Deserve Me At All)' by Omar Apollo.

Although she was crying in the video, the caption read: "Nothing but happiness these days" - so you can probably understand by viewers were confused.

Jonsson was furious over the 'cryptic' and 'dramatic' TikTok video, though, and complained about it in her column.

"Now, Maisie’s not the first [celeb] to engage in this kind of attention-seeking nonsense and I doubt she’ll be the last," she wrote.

"I certainly can’t imagine reaching for my phone mid-personal drama to ensure I captured my tearful moment for people to see."

In response, George posted a pic to Instagram of him sticking his middle finger up, with the caption: "Just for you, Ulrika."

Featured Image Credit: Matt Crossick/Alamy/@ulrikajonssonofficial/Instagram

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