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Woman Shares Unusual Makeup Trick With Questionable Primer

Woman Shares Unusual Makeup Trick With Questionable Primer

Hmmm we're not sure about this one.

Just when you think you've seen it all on TikTok, a social media makeup guru shocks the world by plugging a new hack we never could have imagined.

In the latest episode of TikTok's strangest makeup hacks, one user has revealed the unusual item, which is often reserved for the bedroom, as makeup primer.

Watch the video to find out:

TikToker Amelia Oliva decided to give lube a try as part of her makeup routine. After receiving dozens of requests from her 365,000 followers, Amelia went to the shop to buy some Durex lube to give them what they want. 

Unconvinced that it'll work, Amelia squirts some of the clear liquid onto her cheek. “How much of this will I need?! How much of this will I need of this lube-y primer. It’s actually called pleasure gel,” she jokes as she applies it to her face. 

After rubbing and spreading it across her face, she describes the texture. “This is so weird. I look like a greasy mess.”

Once most of the lube has been rubbed in, Amelia gently taps it onto her skin some more. “It does feel a bit sticky,” she explains.

She then grabs her foundation and applies it using a beauty blender. “Sorry, but how does this look nice? How?”

Amelia decided to try the lube makeup trend on TikTok (

The TikTok then cuts to Amelia’s finished makeup look and the final result is actually quite surprising. “Okay, how does this kind of work?” She says, now semi-convinced. 

Lots of women in the comments were left extremely confused by the supposed makeup hack.

One TikTok user replied: “Sorry but who thought in life ‘oh I run out of primer… ohhhh the lube in the bedside [drawer] imma apply that all over my face’”.

Another commenter shared: “This feels illegal.”

A third joked: “Ok but… how am I gonna explain that to my parents??”

While a fourth came to the conclusion that if lube is safe to use on your nether regions, it should be safe to use elsewhere.

But before you grab a bottle of lube and slather it all over your face, Tyla spoke with Dr Ross Perry, a GP and medical director of Cosmedics skin clinics about the potential risks of using the gel for reasons other than its actual use. "Whereas it may appear to be creating the desired effect, wearing a product that is not meant for the skin on your face, such as lube, every day could have adverse effects," he explains.

Amelia was surprised by the outcome (

"Particularly if you are prone to breakouts, as it would cause the pores on your face to remain clogged all day causing more breakouts.

"If you have sensitive skin then it would almost certainly irritate, and if you suffer from oily skin then it would only exacerbate that."

And Dr Lou Sommereux from Cosmex Clinic agrees, adding that lube is essentially a thick oil, and using it as primer can lead to premature ageing: “Naturally, your skin produces its own natural oils which are designed to protect it against environmental factors.

"When you artificially saturate the skin's surface with oil, eventually the skin sends a signal to the cells to stop producing natural oils which will lead to the skin becoming critically dry paving way for deep fine lines, and wrinkles."

Dr Perry also explains how the ingredients used to make lube may not be beneficial to your skin. "Lube tends to be a silicone and oil-based product which is not advisable to wear on your face daily. It is a very oily, heavy solution that would essentially just sit on your face not allowing your skin to breathe whilst clogging your pores."

He adds: "Though there may be water-based [and] less oily lube products on the market but to be safe, we would always advise wearing a proper marketed skin primer intended for use on your face."

While Abbas Kanani, Superintendent Pharmacist and Clinician at Chemist Click said not only are clogged pores a risk, if you accidentally use a numbing lube it could lead to “a slightly tingling and numb sensation,” which should be washed off immediately.

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