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Mum divides opinion after letting five-year-old daughter bleach her hair

Mum divides opinion after letting five-year-old daughter bleach her hair

She skipped school to have it done.

When it comes to children and beauty treatments, a general rule of thumb is that certain things should be for adults only - like certain percings and lip injections.

So it stands to reason that one mum divided opinion when she revealed that she allowed her five-year-old daughter bleach her hair.

Demi Lucy May Engemann, who describes herself as the 'CEO of cool mom', shared a video of her daughter getting highlights on TikTok, explaining that she'd allowed the youngster to skip school so that they could have a 'girl day' together.

The social media star, from Utah, said at the start of the video: "My daughter asked if she could bleach her hair so she could put pink in it."

She captioned the video: "Here's your sign to say 'yes' more."

The footage itself featured Maude, five, looking excited as the hairdresser set to work lightening her hair to make her dream of pink locks come true.

It shows the youngster mixing the bleach at one point after her mum noted that she'd allowed her to skip school for the experience.

Maude can be seen making a thumbs up as the foil is removed from her hair to reveal her new blonde highlights.

The mum proudly wrote that the five-year-old was 'living her best life' as she giggled while having her hair washed.

Demi also had her hair dyed as part of the salon day.

The video then cut back to Maude, who began to clap when she saw how blonde her hair now was.

Maude missed school to have her hair dyed.
TikTok / demilucymay_

However, the reaction to the video was mixed, to say the least.

One fan of the video wrote: "I feel like these things are so special to kids. You grow up and eventually fun hair colours may not be an option."

"This is too cute!!!!" gushed a second while a third wrote: "My [mum] let me do this and I became a hairstylist! Letting your kids explore their interests makes you an awesome [mum]."

A fourth remarked: "Hair grows back so I don't see why not."

However, not everyone thought it was such a good idea.

One person who had been allowed to do the same thing as a child wrote: "My [mum] did this and it just started years of dyeing and damaging my hair."

"Absolutely not. There are safe dyes to make it pink, bleaching it was a hard no," added a second.

A third remarked: "My mum used to say if you do all this now, what are you going to look forward to doing when you're at the age to do these things?"

What do you think of the hair bleaching? Was Maude too young to change her appearance in this way or was it simply a fun experience?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / demilucymay_

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