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Mum’s ‘messy dinner’ is really dividing opinion

Emma Guinness

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Mum’s ‘messy dinner’ is really dividing opinion

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @brookeabigail0

A mum has divided the internet by sharing the 'messy dinner' she served up for her family.

As the name suggests, it very much was a messy dinner and consisted of spaghetti and bolognese served up on a tablecloth without plates.


Brooke, a mum-of-two from Australia, took to TikTok to share the unusual meal, captioning the unusual dinner: "Trying messy dinner tonight. Boys loved it."

In the video, she could be seen pouring spaghetti from the pan onto the table before adding the bolognese.

This was to the absolute delight of her two sons, who couldn't wait to eat their meal in this unconventional way.

The family celebrated the occasion by posing for a picture before eating their meal.

In the caption, the mum added: "Messy dinner was a win, they ate more than usual."

However, while the messy dinner might have been a success by this family's standards, not everyone on TikTok was so impressed.

The video didn't go unnoticed either and the seemingly novel idea has been viewed more than eight million times.

One critical viewer joked: "I normally put it in the toilet bowl for my kids to go fishing, kids love it."

A second added: "i could never do this id be terrified of eating something somebody else's saliva has touched [sic]."

"If my mum did this, I'd run away," added a third while a fourth questioned: "What did the bowls do wrong."

"I leave it on the pavement outside my house for them to forage through," joked a fifth.

Credit: TikTok / @brookeabigail0
Credit: TikTok / @brookeabigail0

But even though the dinner had its critics, some people could see the fun behind the idea.

"We used to do this and call it pirate tea, it works well with a fry up!" wrote one viewer.

A second rightfully pointed out: "people do nachos and everyone says it s a cool idea. as soon as it's something else everyone hates [sic]."

"I would've loved it as a child if my mum allowed me to have a messy fun dinner once!! great momma [sic]," remarked a third.

"This is something messy but it's sooo good for the kids," observed a fourth. "Defo thumbs up for the mum as it requires Effort!! [sic]"

"Am I the only one who would love this [sic]," questioned a fifth.

Meanwhile, a sixth viewer stated: "the way everyone has failed to realise this messy dinner is actually a lot less messy, you can just throw the whole tablecloth away and it’s clean [sic]."

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Emma Guinness
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