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Mum hits back after being slammed for letting five-year-old daughter bleach her hair

Mum hits back after being slammed for letting five-year-old daughter bleach her hair

The mum had previously divided opinion after letting her daughter bleach her hair

A mum who was slammed for letting her five-year-old daughter have her hair bleached has spoken out about the criticism she received.

Last week, Demi Lucy May Engemann shared a video of her daughter, Maude, getting blonde highlights on TikTok, adding that she'd allowed her little one to skip school so she could have the beauty treatment.

In the video shared last week, Maude can be seen sitting happily in the chair as the stylist filled her hair with foils.

Maude can be seen making a thumbs up as the foil is removed from her hair to reveal her new blonde highlights.

Demi - who was also having her hair done as part of their girls' day out - said that Maude was 'living her best life' as she giggled in the chair.

But after the video was shared online, Demi received a hugely mixed response, with many shocked that she had allowed Maude to have her hair bleached at such a young age.

One person wrote: "My [mum] did this and it just started years of dyeing and damaging my hair."

And another added: "My mum used to say if you do all this now, what are you going to look forward to doing when you're at the age to do these things?"

Maude had her hair highlighted.

In a follow-up video, Demi addressed the criticism she received and explained that while she wouldn't put up with mum shaming from other TikTokers, she wanted to give some background information on why she decided to allow Maude to have the highlights.

"You can disagree, that’s fine, but the minute that name calling starts or mom-shaming starts, based on one decision you disagree with, that’s where I’m going to put an end to that," she said.

Demi explained that Maude had wanted to have a colour in her hair after her school friend had dyed hers purple.

Demi took Maude to buy a temporary pink shampoo, but after it didn't show up very well, Maude had asked if she could get some blonde in her hair so that the colour would be more visible.

Demi added that the timing of the hair appointment was shortly before some family photos, but emphasised this was not the reason.

"That’s not the type of person I am. That’s not the type of mom that I am. And I would never impose my will on my daughter. And I know how sensitive those topics are, as a woman," she said.

Demi has spoken out about the criticism.

At the end of the video, she added: "There are so many kids that are neglected and so many damaged parent-child relationships.

"So to turn something like this into a negative is really sad. And if you’re a mom out here mom-shaming, do better."

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@demilucymay_

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