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Woman Reveals How To Easily Take Off Acrylic Nails At Home

Woman Reveals How To Easily Take Off Acrylic Nails At Home

Okay this is a game changer!

One woman on TikTok has revealed a handy trick to removing acrylic nails - and it's a total game changer.

TikToker Safiya - aka @saphsumar - shared a video online, explaining she uses just three ingredients to loosen the nails. And it seems to work wonders!

You can watch the video below:

We've all attempted to take our acrylics off ourselves - only to end up ripping a nail in the process. But this method looks so easy.

In the clip, Safiya explains: "Trying the acrylic nail remover hack." She then adds warm water, washing up liquid and some vegetable oil into a bowl and mixes them together.

Next, she dips her hand into the bowl and soaks the nails for five minutes.

"Oh god they literally just pop off," she said after the nails had been soaking."Yay now I don't need to bite them off."

We are definitely trying this one for ourselves!

The woman mixed washing up liquid, oil and warm water in a bowl (

And other TikTokers were blown away by the trick. One nail technician wrote: "Actual nail tech here... this is awesome, but make sure you never put yourself in pain pulling them off. Soak them as long as you need to."

Meanwhile another follower added: "Just tried it out with my gel nails and I swear it really works! I let it soak for 10 mins and the pulling is not as easy in the video but it works."

The woman revealed the nails simply popped off after soaking (

However, others were sceptical, with some assuming the acrylics were poor quality if they were able to pop off so easily.

One wrote: "If they pop off this easy then you need to find a new nail tech," to which the original poster wrote: "I've had them on for three weeks and they were still very strong! The soap and oil help break down the glue and acrylic from the natural nail."

We are so giving this a go!

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