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Amazing Hack Means You’ll Never Throw Hair Bands Away Again

Amazing Hack Means You’ll Never Throw Hair Bands Away Again

We are shook by this.

An incredible hack is being shared on TikTok, meaning you'll never have to throw away a hair band again.

Posting the hack, @homewithtayx explained she used to throw the bobbles out before she discovered the trick - and our minds are blown.

You can watch it below:

In the clip, she explains: "I can't believe I used to throw these away once they were stretched."

She then pops the hair band into a mug, adds hot water and just like that, the bobble returns to its original state.

"Just put them in a cup with boiling hot water and they're back to new."

Minds. Blown.

The TikToker pops the bobble in a mug (

And others were in shock over the hack, with one person commenting on the video: "Omg mines r all like this and was about to chuck them."

Meanwhile another said: "Wt...that's genius..ty for this.😅😅🙏🙏."

And a third added: "What 🤯🤯🤯🤯."

Others had different ways of repairing the stretched bobbles, with one writing: "I put mine in the car when its summer 👍 gets so hot in there it does the trick."

And another said: "I use a hairdryer."

And a third added: "I just drop mine in the bath with me... they shrink back to size and get a nice wash as well aha."

It returns back to its normal state (

Earlier, we told you about another TikTok beauty hack - using freezing beauty blenders to create a flawless and smooth foundation application.

The trend grew started after TikTok account @gwmakeup shared a video of the hack, along with the caption: “For a smooth & flawless finish try this!”

The video shows the TikToker wetting the beauty blender sponge under a tap and then popping it into the freezer.

Other users say it leaves you with smooth and natural looking skin, while the cooling sensation from the frozen sponge is also quite pleasing.

You can read more on that here.

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