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People Can't Believe This Glossier Mascara Review

People Can't Believe This Glossier Mascara Review

This mascara literally sounds like a lifesaver.

When it comes to ordering beauty products online, reviews left by customers are always incredibly useful. In fact, hearing about how any product has worked - or hasn't worked - is a great way of knowing if it's right for us.

One woman's critique of Glossier's Lash Slick mascara has left the internet in hysterics after spilling the tea on how the handy formula came to her rescue in her time of need.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of the viral review, after coming across it on the Glossier website.

"This glossier mascara review lives rent free in my mind," she wrote.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of the review online (

With an outstanding five-star rating, the review read: "Just got into a car crash and cried a lot but along with the

cloud paints this mascara didn't budge and sis still looked kinda cute afterwards so I recommend."

We hope she's alright!

Another Twitter account shared the same review, adding: "People on Glossier reviews are next level seriously."

The Glossier Lash Slick has been a hit with customers (

This wasn't the only uber-positive take to the £14 Glossier product. One customer said the mascara helped her ‘withstand [a] very emotional therapy session.’

They wrote: “Apart from making your eyelashes POP, it is 100% tears-proof. I was surprised that it lasted all day, even after ugly crying during my therapy session.”

The Glossier Lash Slick mascara can be bought here.

The internet thinks Glossier reviews are 'outstanding' (

Hilarious product reviews have been making the rounds on social media lately, including a rather TMI review of a velvet bodycon Shein dress.

One shopper shared a screengrab of the review on Twitter, after coming across it while shopping on the budget clothes website.

"Obsessed with this review of a dress on Shein," she wrote, alongside an image of the review.

The review read: "I didn't expect the outcome of this dress... live the material [sic] and that it can stretch, girl I'm getting folded like a burrito TONIGHT... thank you Shein for helping me get more d**k."

You can see the dress in question here.

Who knew customer reviews could be so entertaining!

Featured Image Credit: Glossier

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