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Man Sparks Furious Debate After Asking Girlfriend To Remove Her Upper Lip Hair

Man Sparks Furious Debate After Asking Girlfriend To Remove Her Upper Lip Hair

Is this crossing the line?

One man's conversation with his girlfriend has sent the internet into a fit of rage after he asked her to have her upper lip hair professionally removed.

In a post to Reddit, one user explained that her partner had pulled her aside to ask that she have the hair on her upper lip taken off via laser hair removal.

Sharing now-deleted photo of her upper lip, the woman asked whether or not it was the right call to get the hair removed - but her fellow Redditors were less than impressed with her boyfriend's request.

One man sparked fury online after asking his girlfriend to have her upper lip hair professionally removed. (

Noting that the original poster had nothing more than some "barely noticeable" peach fuzz on her lip, women flooded the comments to reassure her that there was no need to undergo any hair removal.

One user commented: "This rubbed me the wrong way. You have no upper lip hair lol that peach fuzz covers a lot of areas on our bodies and that’s totally normal. We don’t need to remove every single hair. Your boyfriend is honestly insane to suggest you need to do something about peach fuzz."

Another asked: "Why does it bother him? Does he not have body hair? Does he expect you to shave every inch of yourself to appear as hairless as a child? I’m just confused."

Would you remove your upper lip hair for someone else? (

A third wrote: "Why in God's name would you pay good money to remove something that can only be seen in direct sunlight and WTF is wrong with your bf that he finds body hair so offensive that he wants you to spend money to remove something that literally every person on this earth has?"

One described the request as a "red flag", warning the woman to keep an eye on her partner.

She wrote: "Today it will be microscopic hairs. Tomorrow? I’m sure there’s things about him that lack perfection. Do you ask him to fix those things too or is this a one way street? Anyways this sounds like a red flag for sure."

Reddit users assured the woman that she didn't need to undergo any sort of hair removal. (

Some users were particularly outraged, encouraging the original poster to dump her partner ASAP.

"He asked you to remove it? For what? His own gratification? Big NO. It’s not like you’re growing a big beard. Hell No to the NO NO NO", commented one furious Redditor.

"Remove the boyfriend instead of the hair. I’m blonde and have peach fuzz there too and it’s never bothered me nor anyone I’ve dated," joked another.

Would you remove your upper lip hair if a partner asked? Or would you sooner remove them?

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