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The Stomach-Churning Reason You Should Never Leave Your Acrylics On For Longer Than Five Weeks

The Stomach-Churning Reason You Should Never Leave Your Acrylics On For Longer Than Five Weeks

A nail technician has revealed that leaving your acrylics for longer than five weeks can have disastrous effects on your nails.

A nail technician on Instagram has revealed the reason why leaving your acrylics on for longer than five weeks, without taking them off or getting them re-done, can damage your natural nails.

For those who are acrylic connoisseurs, you'll know that you should ideally be getting your nails done every two to three weeks. But, getting nails done cost money and spending a cool £30 twice a month can become pricey.

However, while you might think it's fine to leave your nails on until after pay day, they can do severe damage to your nails.

Acrylics should be filled in every two to three weeks. (
Cut Collective/Unsplash)

When your natural nail starts to grow out, your acrylics will increasingly put pressure on the nail underneath, making them weaker overall.

Hilary Herrera, a nail technician who shares videos educating people on their natural nails, acrylics, gels, and much more, posted a video to show the problem with leaving your acrylics for more than five weeks.

In the video, Herrera left her acrylics on for five weeks to show her fans the growth, explaining that her nails are sore, and putting pressure on them turns your matrix (where your nail grows from) white.

Acrylic nail wearers will know that once your nails start to grow out too much, they will start to become sore and as you go about your day-to-day business, they will start to lift more, in some cases pulling your natural nail with them.

Additionally, leaving your acrylics on for too long will put you at higher risk of a fungal affection as the lifting of the acrylic will create gaps between the acrylic and the natural nail, allowing moisture to collect and bacteria to grow.

Leaving your acrylics on too long can also cause infection. (
Raul De Los Santos/Unsplash)

Acrylics overall lead to the drying of the natural oils in your nails, making them more brittle and if you don't give your nails a break where a technician can clean, file, and use nail strengthener before a new set, you may end up breaking or losing your nails in the future.

Even though it may seem financially prudent to leave your nails on for longer to get the most bang for your buck, it's not worth sacrificing your overall nail health to do it – plus, leaving them on too long isn't aesthetically pleasing either.

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