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Bride super glues her ears to her head for wedding pics but people are divided

Bride super glues her ears to her head for wedding pics but people are divided

Is this even safe?

It's every bride's dream to look perfect on her wedding day, but if you're breaking out the super glue to adjust your appearance - perhaps that's a sign you might have taken things a step too far.

And that's exactly what one bride resorted to ahead of her big day, when she decided she wanted to wear her hair in an up-do, but keep her ears concealed.

The solution to her problem? Putting super glue on the backs of her ears and pressing them into the sides of her head so they stayed pinned back.

It's certainly an unusual beauty hack:

Beautician Mí Martins had been styling bride Lorena's hair for her wedding day, when she was asked if she could help to glue the bride's ears to the sides of her head.

Eager to please the Brazilian bride on her special day, the hairdresser obliged, taking the strong adhesive and pinning her ears back.

Posting a video of the process as an Instagram Reel, the beautician wrote: "Today's bride asked for a high bun, but she didn't want her ear to show.

"She's been using this glue technique for some time!! And today was no different at her wedding."

In the video, which has reached 20 million views on Instagram, viewers can see Mí Martins taking a small tube of Three Bond Super 1000 glue and spreading it across the back of Lorena's ear.

This bride super glued her ears for her wedding day.

She then presses the glue-lathered ears into the sides of the bride's head so that they'll stick in their new place.

As you can probably imagine, people had quite a mixed reaction to this bride's technique - while some people admitted they, too, had super glued their ears before, others were horrified at the very idea.

"I did this at my wedding", confessed one viewer. "I had a dream to wear a bun and crown and the wiggly ears wouldn't stop me."

Another joked: "Only those who have a wiggly ear know, I would do it lol."

And a third commented: "I thought it was only me who did this lol but once it dripped on my hair!"

Meanwhile, one concerned Instagram asked: "How irresponsible is this?", while a second wrote: "This is too crazy."

The unusual beauty technique divided viewers.

"People do this too much at weddings", a third unimpressed viewer added. "My fear is dropping one of the ears in the middle of the ceremony."

And a fourth noted: "I would never hide anything of mine, no matter how much it wasn't perfect! It's a part of me, ears, whatever... But everyone is free to do what they want with themselves and their bodies."

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: mimartins_hair/Instagram

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