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You viewers have a crazy theory about who the season four killer really is

You viewers have a crazy theory about who the season four killer really is

It would be an incredible plot twist if true

Warning: contains spoilers for You season four

You fans have been putting their armchair detectives skills to work while watching the first few episodes of the latest season, and now one viewer has come up with an interesting theory about who the 'Eat The Rich' killer might really be.

Joe - aka Professor Jonathan Moore - had barely managed to start his 'European holiday' before he came face to face with death once again in the first episode of You season four.

I'd feel sorry for him, but after all the death he's been responsible for already, he kind of had it coming.

After a heavy night out with a group of London's elite, Joe found himself having to clear up the body of his neighbour and co-worker Malcom.

He didn't get much of a reprieve as the killer then came for Simon, all while Joe was left attempting to catch up with the killer and find out which of his new friends was responsible for the deaths.

While Joe tries to narrow down his options on the show, many viewers at home were busy doing the same for themselves. This led to theories about various members of the group, as well as speculation that Love might have somehow survived Joe's murderous actions against her and come back for revenge.

There are a whole range of threads people have been chasing in an attempt to identify the killer, but one theory presents the possibility of a wild twist in the story.

The killer left Joe baffled with his crimes.

It comes from TikToker Alexis - aka @nerdyblonde12 - who focused in on Joe's friendship with wannabe mayor Rhys; the man who is revealed to be responsible for the killings at the end of episode five.

After this reveal, Alexis noted Rhys is 'the only person Joe actually likes' out of the new group, and called to mind how they met for the first time when Joe was 'blackout drunk and on drugs'.

Presenting her theory, Alexis continued: "It's no coincidence that every time I've ever seen Rhys and Joe talking, Rhys has not interacted with any of the other characters.

"So my hot take is that Rhys is actually a figment of Joe's imagination."

Alexis likened this potential plotline to the movie Fight Club, when it's revealed the narrator’s friend Tyler Durden is actually a figment of his imagination.

Alexis' theory would be a huge plot twist.

"I do think Rhys is a real person... but every time Joe's talking to Rhys, it's not actually Rhys," Alexis speculated.

The TikToker believes the final five episodes of the season will focus on Joe realising that the Rhys of his mind is not the same as the real Rhys - but we'll have to wait until 9 March to find out for sure.

Until then, TikTok users have admitted Alexis' theory has some legs.

"I’m on board with this theory. Killer being simply Rhys is far too easy," one viewer wrote, while another responded: "I like this theory, I think that is happening bc Joe is so desperate to prove that he’s changed to Marienne so unconsciously he’s blaming someone."

The first five episodes of You season four are available to stream on Netflix now.

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