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You viewers left bored by season 4 after it dropped on Netflix

You viewers left bored by season 4 after it dropped on Netflix

You season four dropped on Netflix yesterday, though some have been left bored by the new episodes.

For those who are looking for something new to watch on Netflix this weekend, you may be considering the fourth season of You.

The first five episodes of the new season dropped on the popular streaming platform on Thursday (9 February), with another five following on 9 March.

With season four, co-creator Sera Gamble returns as You's showrunner, while Penn Badgley and Tati Gabrielle return as Joe Goldberg and Marienne Bellamy, respectively.

Also, joining the ever-growing main cast is Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Ed Speleers and Lukas Gage.

The thriller follows murderous romantic Joe as he looks for love, though those who do not exactly take to him are in for a rough time.

That sounds like quite the thriller, right? Well, viewers have not exactly been sitting on the edge of their seats since You season four released yesterday.

In fact, some people have even said that have been left 'so bored' by the new series, which is set in London.

Many viewers have taken to the popular Netflix Bangers Facebook page to discuss the new season.

Joe is back in You season four.

A post on the page read: "Joe is back! Who's seen You season four yet, and is it any good?"

"Snoozefest. Cast is awful," one person said.

Meanwhile, a second added: "I’m so bored with this season and I’m only on episode 2. No more murder mystery stuff."

While a third remarked: "Currently on episode 3, really not feeling it the way I did the other seasons tbh. I’m dipping in and out of my socials while’s it’s on I’m that bored."

And a fourth called it 'tad slow' and hoped that it 'gets better'.

On the other hand, there were some viewers who were not as critical.

One person said: "It's really good. Highly recommended."

A second added: "Was brilliant and love the fact Penn badgely produced it."

And another declared: "Kinda reminds me of Cluedo. Not as good as the other seasons, however it's still watchable."

Tati Gabrielle as Marianne Bellamy.

Reviews from critics on season four have certainly been very mixed.

London Evening Standard's review said: "If you enjoyed the previous seasons, you will love this," while added: "You Season 4 finds a way to blend all the things people loved about the first three seasons and then still gets in your head to shock you."

However, Pop Culture Planet wrote: "This season feels like a completely different show that has no real connection to the past seasons.

"This new cast has no depth, there’s no stand outs. Even Joe has lost his appeal."

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