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Trigger Point Finale: Fans Have A Surprising Theory About The Bomber's Identity

Trigger Point Finale: Fans Have A Surprising Theory About The Bomber's Identity

Fans have narrowed it down.

Ahead of this week's finale, Trigger Point fans are getting in their final guesses for who they think is behind the bombings taking place across London.

Yes, the high-intensity ITV drama will wrap this coming Sunday after five weeks of nail-biting bomb defusals and shocking discoveries as Lana Washington (Vicky McClure) races to uncover the mystery bomber's identity.

Fans are almost on the same page about their main suspect, but can all agree that whoever is behind it, they're definitely taking advantage of Lana.

Trigger Point fans think they know the bomber's identity. (

On one hand, some viewers are convinced - and have been since episode two - that mechanic Karl (Warren Brown) is behind it all.

Karl is a mechanic who was once on the path to joining the police force himself, and after sparking up a romance with Lana more recently, fans can't seem to shake the feeling that he's up to something.

After tuning in to episode five this weekend, one fan tweeted: ""#TriggerPoint it’s so obvious Karl is a baddy. Just stringing it out now 😩"

A second added: "the nice guy she just shagged who’s a mechanic with a military background gonna turn out to be the bomb maker, right #triggerpoint".

"Its 100% Karl behind the bombs! #triggerpoint" claimed a third.

Trigger Point fans think Karl could be the ringleader. (

On the other hand, some are convinced that Lana was double-crossed by her boyfriend, Thom Youngblood (Mark Stanley).

Ever since Lana discovered some damning evidence on her co-worker John and handed it into Thom who said he'd "take care of it", viewers have had their suspicions.

"Sleazy Thom is 100% in on it #TriggerPoint" tweeted one fan.

"Is Thom simply trying to do his job right or is he hiding something?" asked another.

But most surprising of all is that other fans are convinced both Thom and Karl are in on the bombings together.

Could Lana's boyfriend Thom be behind it all? (

"Both Thom & Karl look super suspicious #TriggerPoint" read one tweet.

"Either Thom or Karl is the wrong un...." added another.

One curious fan wrote: "Quite obvious that the mechanic or Thom are involved #TriggerPoint."

A second commented: "Thom is shady af. Karl is shady af. I dont trust either of them #TriggerPoint."

Could the one of Lana's lovers be behind it all? Or worse - could they both be?

Either way, one thing is for sure: Lana deserves better.

Trigger Point concludes at 9pm on Sunday, February 27th on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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