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Trigger Point Fans Are Convinced They Have Uncovered A Huge Plot Twist Involving Lana's Family

Trigger Point Fans Are Convinced They Have Uncovered A Huge Plot Twist Involving Lana's Family

Trigger Point Fans are convinced Lana's brother is involved in the extremist group after a huge ‘giveaway’ clue in episode three.

Trigger Point fans are convinced they have worked out a big plot twist after a huge ‘giveaway’ clue in episode three.

The third episode of the ITV show aired on Sunday evening and fans are convinced they’ve worked out a massive twist involving Lana Washington’s family.

Vicky McClure takes the leading role as Lana Washington in Trigger Point. (

Lana – who is played by Line Of Duty actress Vicky McClure – is ex-military and now a bomb disposal officer who has been working to uncover the identity of the extremist group behind several horrific crimes.

Halfway through the drama series, it became clear that whoever is behind the bombings is someone on the inside who knows all the ins and outs of bomb disposal.

The latest suspect was fellow officer John Hudson (Kris Hitchen) after Lana broke into his work locker and found incriminating evidence. It looked like Lana had finally found the culprit behind the mystery London bombings.

However, fans think it seemed too convenient and as the organised group plans their next move, viewers believe that Lana’s brother Billy could have a part to play in the attack’s.

Fans believe Lana's brother Billy is part of the extremist group (

It comes after fans were focused on one scene where Lana visited her brother's apartment where he was acting rather shifty and made a constant effort to keep the curtains closed.

As she made herself at home, she said: "You're not a vampire, Billy. You can open the curtains you know?"

As he shielded his eyes away from the light, he exclaimed: "Lana keep them closed! Do us a favour, yeah? Don't mention this to mum and dad."

Each week fans have rushed to Twitter to share their theories and on Sunday viewers were convinced they have uncovered a massive plot twist as they voiced their suspicions on her hermit-like brother.

One person wrote: "I have a feeling the brother has something to do with the bombings on Trigger Point."

Another added: “I’ll be surprised if Lana’s brother isn’t somehow involved with the group behind it all and she’ll end up having to defuse a bomb that’s linked to him.”

A third wrote: “I got a feeling Lana’s brother is being a bit sus.”

The high-intensity drama series is keeping fans guessing. (

Could this be a major plot twist for the show or just another wild fan theory?

Trigger Point continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV.

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