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Britney vs Spears: Sam Asghari Breaks Silence On New Netflix Documentary

Britney vs Spears: Sam Asghari Breaks Silence On New Netflix Documentary

This looks like it will be an interesting watch.

Netflix have dropped the trailer for their documentary Britney Vs Spears which looks at the Britney Spears's conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement.

Watch the trailer below:

The #FreeBritney movement came from fans of the 'Toxic' singer who were concerned about the Britney's freedom and wellbeing while in a 13 year conservatorship.

The arrangement gave Jamie Spears, her father, and a co-executor total stewardship over Britney's $60 million fortune, while he also has the power to make medical decisions and business deals on her behalf.

The documentary comes after the success of Framing Britney Spears that was released earlier this year.

The FreeBritney movement garnered traction earlier this year (

The trailer came after Netflix teased the announcement earlier this week with the documentary's title and a video clip of a voicemail from Britney Spears to a lawyer on 21st January 2009 at 12:29AM. In it, she rings about the process of eliminating the process of the conservatorship.

People replied to the teaser with their immediate thoughts about another documentary looking at Britney Spears and her conservatorship.


Another confirmed: "We will be watching… #FreeBritney".

Britney and Jamie (

However, it seems not everyone is thrilled the controversial topic will be rehashed once again for entertainment purposes.

Britney's fiancé, Sam Asghari, has since spoken out.

Underneath the 18 second teaser trailer for the new documentary, the dancer wrote: "I hope the profit from these docs go towards fighting against injustice #freebritney."

While someone else pleaded: "I just pray your documentary will be fair to Britney and all those with mental health issues and help them get better understanding from the world".

The Netflix documentary will be the third released this year to focus on Britney's conservatorship and the free Britney movement, following the New York Times' Framing Britney Spears, BBC Three's The Battle For Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship.

One of the most recent developments has been the news that Jamie Spears will stand down as Britney Spears's conservator.

Britney's father has been in charge of the pop star's estate since 2008, after Britney went into psychiatric care.

Jamie's lawyer has filed legal documents that will see him removed as conservator "when the time is right."

Britney vs Spears premieres 28th September on Netflix.

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