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The Trailer Is Here For The Time Traveler’s Wife Spinoff Series

The Trailer Is Here For The Time Traveler’s Wife Spinoff Series

The six-part series is coming to Sky.

An all-new remake of The Time Traveler's Wife is coming soon to Sky Atlantic in the form of a six-part drama series and the trailer has just officially dropped.

Based on the sci-fi romance novel of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger, you might remember that The Time Traveler's Wife was first made into a heart-wrenching film starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana back in 2009.

Now, an updated limited series starring Rose Leslie and Theo James is headed for our TV screens - so we can get ready to cry our eyes out all over again! Check out the trailer here:

It tells the story of married couple Clare Abshire and Henry DeTamble, who find themselves fighting to stay together when things get a little complicated thanks to time travel.

In the new trailer, we get a better insight into Clare and Henry's complicated marriage as he tells a camera: "Time travel is not a superpower, it's a disability. It's what's wrong with me," before suddenly disappearing into thin air, leaving a coffee mug rolling around after him.

The series stars Theo James as time traveller Henry DeTamble. (

Yes, Henry has the ability to time travel - but not on command. His genetic disorder sends him catapulting through time unpredictably, leaving Clare to cope with his regular departures. Over the years of their relationship, the besotted couple will fight for their marriage as it takes the most unexpected twists and turns - ones that often put James in rather serious danger.

Seen in the trailer accidentally transporting into the middle of a shoot-out, or in front of an oncoming train, Henry will undoubtedly have viewers' hearts racing as he tries to make his way back home to Clare.

Rose Leslie will play Henry's wife Clare. (

Leaving us on the edge of our seats, the trailer concludes with Henry telling Clare: "I love you" before disappearing before her eyes, as we hear Clare's voiceover ask: "Why is love intensified by absence?"

We think we're going to need to stock up on tissues for this one!

The Time Traveler's Wife will debut on 16th May on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and on 15th May on HBO in the US.

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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