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The In Between Viewers Are Convinced That Shannon Was A Bad Friend

The In Between Viewers Are Convinced That Shannon Was A Bad Friend

Have you watched this tear-jerker?

Netflix users are still wiping away tears after watching heart-wrenching new film The In Between - a supernatural romance about teenager Tessa (Joey King) who tries to connect with the spirit of her boyfriend after he is tragically killed in a car accident.

And while most viewers are obsessed with the tear-jerker, some were a little too distracted by the rather questionable actions of Tessa's best friend Shannon (Celeste O'Connor).

You can watch the trailer for the film here:

If you're not sure what we're talking about, here's a little recap:

When Tessa realises that Skylar (Kyle Allen) is trying to communicate with her from the beyond, she is desperate to see him again to give their love story the ending it deserved.

It's hospital patient Doris (April Parker Jones) who first explains the concept of the 'In Between' to Tessa while she recovers from a surgery to repair her ruptured heart - an injury from the same car accident that killed Skylar.

Doris tells her that Skylar will have "a few weeks at most" to be with her before his spirit moves on to the afterlife for good.

With that, Tessa enlists the help of her best friend Shannon to connect with Skylar by visiting the places where the couple had their most intimate moments together. But, still on the mend from her surgery, it's not long before Tessa is rushed back to hospital.

This is where Tessa and Shannon's friendship started to raise questions among fans.


Despite her dangerously weak heart, Tessa is desperate to break out of hospital and see Skylar one last time before he passes on to the afterworld, but she can't do it by herself.

Viewers were pretty taken aback when Shannon happily agreed to help Tessa escape the hospital to say one last goodbye to Skylar - a mission that almost killed her when her heart inevitably gave in.

After watching her help Tessa risk her life, viewers took to Twitter to discuss whether Shannon should really have gone along with Tessa's plans after all.

One asked: "Why is Tessa's friend helping her escape from the hospital when she knows Tessa could die at any second? What kinda friend is that?"


Another confused viewer wrote: "Im sorry but #TheInBetween is about a girl being willing to die for "love", being foolish and neglecting her health for a dead person, her best friend is willing to risk her friend dying. And everyone says it's romantic? A toxic relationship is romanticised in this film."

Was Shannon really a good friend to Tessa? (

Should Shannon have made sure her best friend stayed in the hospital bed to recover from her critical injury? Was it really worth the risk?

You can watch The In Between on Netflix now.

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