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The In Between Fans In Tears After Skylar's Final Words To Tessa

The In Between Fans In Tears After Skylar's Final Words To Tessa

We literally can't stop thinking about it...

The In Between is an emotional rollercoaster but nothing could have prepared fans for Skylar's final words to Tessa before they're separated forever.

The film, which dropped on Netflix earlier this month, stars The Kissing Booth's Joey King and West Side Story star Kyle Allen as two ill-fated lovers who are separated when Skylar - played by Allen - dies in a car accident.

Tessa - played by King - tries to reconnect with her dead boyfriend and she soon learns about "the in between" which allows Skylar to contact his girlfriend before he transitions into the afterlife.

Tessa's best friend, Shannon (Celeste O'Connor), helps her contact Skylar one last time before his time in the in between is over for good but, still on the mend from her surgery, it's not long before Tessa collapses at the scene of the accident.

Skylar's last words have left viewers in tears. (

Tessa is finally able to see Skylar in the in between where they meet one last time.

Fans will recall that Skylar and Tessa’s meet-cute happens at a quaint cinema in town in which Skylar translates an old French film they end up watching together.

In the in between, Skylar and Tessa are in Paris together and get to enjoy one last date.

Later, when Tessa is forced to make a decision to either stay in the in between and die or return to the real world, she chooses to live.

As they say goodbye, Skylar says: “Go give us a happy ending”.



And just like that, the sound of hearts shattering could be heard across the globe and viewers were reduced to tears as they watched the couple say adieu.

One fan shared. “When Skylar said ‘Go give us a happy ending’ I cried because what happy ending without him”.

Someone else wrote: “When Skylar said ‘go finish our happy ending’ I could not fight back the tears”.

“When Skylar said "go finish our happy ending,” said another fan with a crying emoji, adding that the film is a “must watch”.

A fourth viewer called the scene “the hardest goodbye”.

One upset fan penned: “I couldn’t wrap my head around Tessa’s decision to go back to a life without Skylar.”

While someone else joked: “Tessa is better than me… she came back to live and I would’ve said f**k y'all I’m in paradise with Skylar.”

The In Between is available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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