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Love Island's Summer Speaks Out After Row With Coco At Reunion Show

Love Island's Summer Speaks Out After Row With Coco At Reunion Show

Summer Botwe has broken her silence about an alleged feud with Coco Lodge.

Love Island contestant Summer Botwe has spoken out after reportedly coming to blows with fellow 2022 Casa Amor bombshell Coco Lodge.

The pair, along with the rest of the cast, filmed the hotly anticipated reunion episode on Thursday (4 August) and spectators have reported that both women argued.

Another Casa Amor bombshell, Josh Le Grove, is said to be at the centre of a love triangle of sorts, which could be the reason for their alleged war of words.

After Josh and Summer both expressed an interest in getting to know each other after being dumped, Coco said she 'could have' slept with the 22-year-old model.

Summer has spoken out about her alleged argument with Coco.

Speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, Coco said she and Josh were taken to a secret villa after they were dumped from the show.

"You go to this like amazing villa, like basically as good as like the main villa, with Josh and two chaperones," Coco revealed.

Host Grace Keeling asked: "Did you shag him?"

To which Coco quipped: "No and I'm actually annoyed because I feel like I could have now."

Coco recently said a few cheeky comments about Josh.

She added even more details about their flirty exchange: "He was like ‘Oh I’m horny’ and I was like ‘Right I’m going to take myself to bed’.

"But I don’t know why I did that because he is so fit. We are really close now and we spend like every day all day together. I even said ‘just let me try it once’.”

Fans have speculated that things are now frosty between Summer and Coco because the reality TV stars no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Josh was thought to be dating Summer when he was dumped from the show.

After a screenshot of a tweet which claimed to be from Summer's account was shared on Reddit, the 22-year-old business owner took to Twitter to shed some light on her situation with the graphic designer from Surrey.

She said: "Guys there are fake tweets going around that have been photoshopped to make out as if I have tweeted them, anything not seen on this page IS NOT ME!!

"The situation between me and Coco was dealt with at the reunion, I will no longer be speaking on it. Thank U."

The pair reunited on Aftersun.

Both women have avoided making any public statements about the current state of their friendship. However, Summer shared a cryptic tweet on Tuesday that read: "Lemme just…" paired with a shushing emoji and a cry laughing emoji.

The Love Island reunion is set to be filled with drama and huge revelations about the contestants' time on the juicy reality series.

Tyla has contacted ITV for comment regarding Summer and Coco's alleged argument at the reunion.

Love Island: The Reunion airs on Sunday at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@summerbotwe/@coco_lodge

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