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Love Island's Summer and Coco go for 'round two' with new clips

Love Island's Summer and Coco go for 'round two' with new clips

Viewers watched on as tensions briefly flared between the former Islanders over Josh Le Grove, but most of the argument was cut.

Love Island stars Summer Botwe and Coco Lodge have taken their disagreement to social media after Sunday’s (7 August) reunion show. Watch their social media posts below:

Viewers watched on as tensions briefly flared between the former Islanders over Josh Le Grove, but the majority of the argument was cut.

However, neither Summer nor Coco were best pleased about what happened and have taken to TikTok to make thinly veiled digs at one another, spurring on their fallout.

Summer first posted a video of herself with: "POV ITV edited your argument at the reunion so no one knows what really happened" written across the clip.

In response to the swipe, Coco shared a video with the words: "When they complain about the edit of the argument but the editing did them a massive favour" splashed across the frame.

On Monday (8 August), an audience member at the reunion revealed that Coco and Summer’s on-air argument was edited, claiming the show only aired part of the row.

During the reunion, things kicked off between the Islanders after one of the show's presenters, Darren Harriott, began interviewing Coco and Summer, alongside Billy Brown and Josh.

Love Island's Summer Botwe commented on her row with Coco Lodge.

When asking Billy about any new love interests since leaving the show, Summer responded: "I know someone who wishes they would have got with someone, but we move..."

Firing back, Coco said: "It's just banter. If you can't handle a big personality, don't go on reality TV."

Summer then added: "Friends don't say certain things, hun, but alright."

But according to the Mirror, one audience member has now claimed that more was said between the two, alleging on TikTok that some of the drama was cut from the final edit.

"The Saving Grace podcast was directly mentioned," the audience member said.

"Summer addressed Coco and said: 'Well that's not what friends do, why would you say that you're going to sh*g my man on a podcast?'.

Coco responded to Summer's video.

"Coco then responded, 'I don't care, like, it's just a sh*g, like, I will sh*g anyone that I want'."

The TikToker added: "Coco kind of went on a bit of a tangent were she started talking about sex and having sex with people. It was weird."

The social media user claimed those in the studio seemed pretty confused by the argument, adding: "It then started to get really bad and the producers, the people holding scripts, were having to walk onto the set where all of the tables are on AfterSun and people were looking round at each other.

"Everybody sat in that room knew that this was off script. This was a real argument."

Summer has since confirmed on social media that she is now single.

Summer and Josh are no longer dating.

"To clarify the ‘argument’ between me and Coco was heavily edited and there was more to it than met the eye," she wrote.

"I would also like to clarify that me and @josh_legrove are only friends and haven’t decided to pursue things romantically at this time.

"I appreciate everyone who continues to support me and my journey."

Tyla previously reached out to Summer and Coco's reps, as well as ITV, for comment in regard to the argument.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/coco_lodge/summerbotwex

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