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Stranger Things Fans Spot Heartbreaking Link To Benny And We All Missed It

Emma Guinness

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Stranger Things Fans Spot Heartbreaking Link To Benny And We All Missed It

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

As Stranger Things fans patiently await the release of volume two of season four, the internet is awash with fan theories.

Now, observant fans have taken to Reddit to share a heartbreaking link between the diner where the teens are hanging out and Benny. Fans also noticed this season four mistake:


Benny Hammond was a character in the very first season of the show, who fed Eleven when she ran away from the lab. 

Not only this, but he contacted social services because he was so worried about her welfare. 

Benny and Eleven in the diner. Credit: Netflix
Benny and Eleven in the diner. Credit: Netflix

But now that we are into season four, Benny’s Burgers is sadly derelict after his kindness towards Eleven cost him his life.

He was tragically killed by DOE agent Connie Frazier, who posed as a social services worker.

Hawkins Laboratory then altered the evidence so that it looked like Benny had taken his own life.

The derelict Benny's Diner. Credit: Netflix
The derelict Benny's Diner. Credit: Netflix

The connection was pointed out on Reddit with the above screenshots and caption: “I didn't realise until I saw it for the second time.”

Reacting to the photographs, one fan wrote: “I still can’t believe they killed off Benny that quickly and brutally.

"For the amount of lines he had in the episode, I woulda bet money he wouldn’t die. It’s one of the reasons the show caught my attention.”

Benny's Diner. Credit: Netflix
Benny's Diner. Credit: Netflix

A second added: “I am glad you shared this because I haven't seen season 1 in years and had completely forgotten the significance of Benny's Burgers from season 1!”

A third wrote: “I love posts like this. Thanks for sharing!

"I don’t have the time to rewatch all the seasons. I don’t have a perfect memory for what I watched years ago due to sleep deprivation from tiny humans. 

“So for those of us who are fans but not insane mega-stans… We appreciate posts like yours pointing out little details!”

A fourth added: “Oh WOW what a detail! Makes it more tragic, the building fell into disrepair because the very kind man who owned it was killed :( what a throwback though!”

A fifth observed: “Oh I forgot about Benny. Another lovable character that has died with a name starting with the letter B.

“Benny Barb Bob Billy.”

Benny looking at Eleven. Credit: Netflix
Benny looking at Eleven. Credit: Netflix

A sixth added: “I love the way the ST world is so ‘lived in’. When they mention the hangout spot is at Benny's and you see it’s been a long-time hangout spot it feels authentic that a bunch of teenagers would’ve been using an empty building as their party spot for years.”

Have you noticed any poignant details like this while watching season four?

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Emma Guinness
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