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Stranger Things Fan 'Proves' It Was Vecna That Took Will In Season 1

Stranger Things Fan 'Proves' It Was Vecna That Took Will In Season 1

One fan has presented their evidence that Vecna kidnapped Will in season one...

Stranger Things fans are patiently awaiting the release of volume two of season four, which is set to drop on July 1.

And as anyone who has seen the first volume knows, it introduced us to a new, terrifying villain, Vecna, who one fan is convinced took Will in season one. Watch below:

Among other observations, the fan says that Will survived by singing his favourite song, which is exactly what Max did in the now-iconic 'Running Up That Hill' scene from season 4.

These observations caused one fan to agree, commenting: "It's deffo vecna from the start [sic]."

However, a second said that they were on board with all of the points made but one.

They wrote: "Everything but the figure yea [sic]."

Meanwhile, another weighed in on the point about telekinesis.

"The clock noises weren't the same but something that did bother me back in s1 was demogorgan opening the lock using telekinesis because we didn't see them do that ever again [sic]," they wrote.

"Although I don't think it was vecna at that point but since he was already in upside down at that point and connected to the mind flayer who in turn was connected to demogorgan he could have easily shared the telekinesis connection [sic]."

Another weighed in on the song point, agreeing: "The song thing makes so much sense! I always wondered why barb died and he didn’t, this could’ve been why [sic]."

One user added: "The hands of the creature that took will are different sizes, just like vecnas [sic]."

Vecna is season four's villain.
Netflix / Stranger Things

One fan shared that they believed Vecna tried to take Will but couldn't.

They wrote: "I think vecna tried to take him but couldn't bc I'm pretty sure will described the demogorgon when he got back and he hadn't rlly been through lots of trauma other than his dad but that's when he got into music and it saved him from vecna. But that's just my theory [sic]."

Another fan speculated that while they don't think the show's creators the Duffer Brothers planned to make it look like Vecna took Will, they've now rolled with how it looks.

"I don't think this was ever the show's original intention, but I think that they’ve set it up to retcon it to be that way," they wrote.

What do you think of this fan theory? Did Vecna take will or was it something else?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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