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Sex And The City: Fans 'Traumatised' By 'Body Shaming' Scene After Rewatching Movie

Sex And The City: Fans 'Traumatised' By 'Body Shaming' Scene After Rewatching Movie

Fans were shocked over one scene in particular.

Sex And The City fans are shocked over a 'body shaming' scene in the first movie.

The recent reboot, And Just Like That, has prompted many fans to rewatch both the OG series and the movies, and viewers are just remembering one shocking scene focussed on Samantha. Do you remember this moment?!

You can watch it below:

"Rewatching SATC has been...a journey," the fan wrote.

And others are still shocked by it, with one writing: "This traumatised me. I still think about this scene and get sad."

While another said: "There was nothing there😳."

And a third added: "Such a sad scene, can’t believe everyone agreed to participate."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I would be so happy if that were my stomach 🤷🏼‍♀️."

And a fifth said: "When I watched this I genuinely didn’t see what they were referring to in shock and horror 😂😂 I had to rewatch the episode."

Fans said they were 'traumatised' by the scene (
Warner Bros)

And a sixth added: "The mid to late 2000s were peak 'body shaming' years."

The scene came about after Samantha - living in LA at the time - had been unhappy in her five year relationship with Smith Jerrod. In the following scene, Carrie tells her she'd "be beautiful at any size" after Sam explains she "eats so she won't cheat".

When she returns to LA, she ends her relationship with Smith.

Fans will know that Samantha was missing from the recent reboot of SATC, And Just Like That.

To explain Kim Cattrall’s absence from the series, writers of the reboot explained that Samantha had moved to England to pursue her PR career after a fall out with Carrie.

Anthony says 'what's with the gut?!' (
Warner Bros)

In the series, Carrie and Samantha text on and off. But in the final episode - after Samantha seemingly rebuffs Carrie’s offer to talk on the phone - Carrie decides to head to Paris, where she and Big declared their love for each other in the final episode of the OG show.

After scattering her husband's ashes, she decides to message Samantha one more time, asking whether she’d be able to fly to Paris for cocktails.

“How’s tomorrow night?” Samantha responds.

While there's growing speculation that And Just Like That will be renewed for another season, it's not yet been confirmed.

You can watch Sex and the City and And Just Like That on Sky Go and Now.

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