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Selling Tampa Fans Are Just Finding Out Juawana Is A Grandmother

Selling Tampa Fans Are Just Finding Out Juawana Is A Grandmother

She's a WHAT?

Selling Tampa fans are losing their minds after learning that cast member Juawana Colbert is not only mother to a 22-year-old, but is a grandmother!

The Allure Realty manager had many convinced that she was among the youngest in the Netflix series with her youthful looks, but the star is actually 41-years-old.

She had us fooled!

Selling Tampa fans can't believe that Juawana is a grandmother. (
Instagram/ @juawanacolbert)

Juawana doesn't often discuss her grandchildren much on the drama-filled reality series, but you can see regular posts with her family on Instagram.

Viewers didn't realise that Juawana was a grandmother until she briefly touched on it in one episode of Selling Tampa, and they couldn't cope.

Commenting on Twitter, fans of the series refused to believe that the Tampa beauty could be anyone's grandmother, and frankly we can't believe it either.

One viewer tweeted: "SORRY????? Juawana has a 22-year-old son?? AND she's a grandma??? I KNOW she lying!!! #SellingTampa."

Another wrote: "Ma'am.. grandma where? | thought she was a solid 25 to 30! #SellingTampa."

Juawana often shares photos with her son and grandkids on social media. (

One shocked fan asked: "Juawana is a GRANDMA????!!!! Who looks my age???!!! But has a son??! That is my age that's fine af??! #SellingTampaOnNetflix #SellingTampa."

Some viewers confessed that they had been convinced Juawana was in her 20s the whole time.

One wrote: "Juawana is a grandma??? I thought she was 25."

Another added: "Watching Selling Tampa & this lady just said she's a grandma w/ a 22 yr old son. Y'all she look all of 28 years old herself."


Juawana broke viewers' hearts elsewhere in the series when she confessed to the other Allure ladies that she and her husband Bryan were divorcing.

She told Sharelle Rosado during the series: "Yes, I love him. He still loves me. It's just not working out and I feel like I gave my relationship - the good thing is we're not, we're not vindictive."

Fans were emotional when they saw Sharelle promise Juawana through tears that they would still be friends, despite her friendship with Juawana's now ex-husband.

Meanwhile, some viewers have already decided that Selling Tampa is better than its predecessor Selling Sunset after binge-watching the new reality series.

Much like Selling Sunset, the series follows the personal and professional lives of some of the most glamorous real estate agents, on their mission to make Allure Realty one of the top brokerages in Tampa.

After just a week on Netflix, people are loving the drama, with many admitting to bingeing all eight episodes of the show in one sitting.

You can stream all of Selling Tampa now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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