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People are calling comedy-thriller series 'the best thing they've watched in a long time'

People are calling comedy-thriller series 'the best thing they've watched in a long time'

The show has been praised by viewers

Fans are praising an ‘outstanding’ and ‘imaginative’ new BBC series, with some saying it's the 'best thing they’ve seen on TV in a long time'. If that’s piqued your interest, you can see the trailer here:

This time of year is the absolute best time for new telly, with the nights drawing in and the prospect of a glass of rosé in a beer garden a distant memory.

And if you’re looking for something funny and intriguing to get your teeth into this week, then look no further than BBC’s Am I Being Unreasonable? 

The show is co-written by stars Daisy May Cooper (the genius behind This Country) and Seline Hizli, and centres on mum Nic (Cooper) who is quietly grieving a loss she can’t share with anyone, while stuck in an unfulfilling marriage to Dan (played by Distin Demri-Burns).

The only happiness in her life comes from her son Ollie (played by Lenny Rush) who she adores. 

The show was written by and stars Daisy May Cooper and Seline Hizli.

When Nic meets newcomer Jen (Hizil) at the school gates the pair strike up an immediate friendship - but as the two grow closer, secrets begin to emerge and Nic begins to question exactly who Jen really is. 

The comedy-thriller landed on iPlayer late last month and fans, who have already binged their way through, have turned to social media to pile on the praise. 

One wrote: “Am I Being Unreasonable? is outstanding. it jumps across genres for fun and you never know where it will land. Dark, hilarious, edge-of-your-seat tv and the ending is [mind blowing]. Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli are utter geniuses & Lenny Rush as Ollie steals every scene he's in.”

Another said: “Am I Being Unreasonable? on BBC iPlayer is one of the best things I’ve watched! Such a complex mix of genres but it works soooo perfectly, I will forever adore Daisy May Cooper.”

Fans have raved about the show online.

While someone else commented: “Am I Being Unreasonable? on BBC iPlayer is easily one of the most disorientating and imaginative series I’ve seen in ages. Laugh out loud funny yet utterly gripping. Honestly wish I could erase it from my brain so I could watch it fresh all over again.”

A fourth person wrote: “Just finished Am I Being Unreasonable? with Daisy May Cooper, best thing I’ve watched in a long long time."

And a fifth said: "My GOD, Daisy May Cooper is a genius. Am I Being Unreasonable is excellent telly. Watch it."

High praise indeed, and if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, all episodes of Am I Being Unreasonable? is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now. 

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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