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Peaky Blinders Fan Spots Connection To The Shining In S6 Episode 1

Peaky Blinders Fan Spots Connection To The Shining In S6 Episode 1

Peaky Blinders made a sneaky reference to The Shining.

Peaky Blinders fans have noticed a sneaky reference to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining in the opening episode of season six after it aired on BBC iPlayer this weekend.

Viewers have been waiting for the sixth and final season of Peaky for over two years, so you better believe they've analysed every single frame of the latest episode.

You can watch the trailer for Peaky Blinders season six here:

In episode one of season six, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his cousin Michael Gray, who he hasn't seen for years, head to Boston to negotiate a business deal with Michael's new associates.

Tommy resides in a hotel during his visit, but there's something rather familiar about his accommodation.

When he checks in, Tommy is handed a key for room number 237 - the infamous number of The Overlook Hotel's supernatural room in The Shining.

When Jack and Wendy's son Danny is lured into room 237, he is almost strangled by Lorraine Massey inside. When Jack heads in to take a look for himself, he sees Lorraine transform from a beautiful young woman to an ugly, withered old woman right before his eyes.

Room 237 is famously associated with The Shining. (

During his stay in room 237 at his Boston hotel, Tommy gets his own fright, when Lizzie calls him to let him know that their daughter Ruby has developed a fever and has been repeating the Romani words: "Tickna mora o'beng."

The news is so terrifying to Tommy that it motivates him to get straight back to Birmingham.

Of course, eagle-eyed fans were quick enough to spot the hidden easter egg, and were eager to discuss it after a thorough analysis of the episode.


Elsewhere in the episode, a beautiful tribute is paid to late actress Helen McCrory, after it's revealed that her character Aunt Polly has been killed.

Helen sadly passed away last year following a private battle with cancer, but cast and crew made sure to honour her with a heartbreaking funeral service for Aunt Polly.

Peaky Blinders continues on Sunday, 6th March on BBC One at 9pm and on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: Columbia/BBC

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