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Absolutely Everything That's Happened So Far In Peaky Blinders Seasons 1 To 5

Ali Condon

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Absolutely Everything That's Happened So Far In Peaky Blinders Seasons 1 To 5

Featured Image Credit: BBC

Peaky Blinders makes its grand return to the small screen this weekend, so you better be ready to dive back before it all kicks off!

What's that? You're not brushed up on your Peaky knowledge? Well, fear not. You've come to the right place.

Let's do a quick recap.


Following the events of World War 1, Peaky Blinders introduced us to the Shelby family - a wealthy family of Irish-Traveller descent who unofficially rule the majority Birmingham and London through the Peaky Blinders and their company Shelby Company Limited.

Tommy Shelby is the main man behind the business but he's got plenty family to help him along, including his older brother Arthur, his younger sister Ada, his younger brothers John and Finn, and of course Aunt Polly.

Here are the key takeaways from each season.

Season One


The Shelby family find themselves in hot water when they accidentally steal a consignment of guns. Inspector Campbell and undercover agent Grace Burgess are sent to retrieve the guns.

Grace eventually falls in love with Tommy and resigns from her role to be with him.

Meanwhile, Tommy's sister Ada falls pregnant and marries known communist Freddie Thorne.

At the same time, the Peaky Blinders face off against Billy Kimber and his gang over their new horse-race-fixing venture. A series of attacks and retaliations eventually ends with Tommy shooting Billy.


The season ends as Grace asks Tommy to run away but he declines. A jealous Inspector Campbell meets Grace at the train station and confronts her with a gun.

By order of the Peaky Blinders (Credit: BBC)
By order of the Peaky Blinders (Credit: BBC)

Season Two

It's revealed that Grace managed to shoot Inspector Campbell first, and moved away to the States.


Freddie Thorne passes away after catching the Spanish flu, leaving Ada alone with their son.

As they work to expand their bookie business, the Shelby clan were up against the Sabini family, with plenty of attacks and raids between them. After he's almost left for dead, Tommy is rescued by Inspector Campbell, who decides to make him work for Winston Churchill.

Tommy also meets Alfie Solomon during this season, and the pair decide to team up against Sabini.

Although he's now met horse-trainer May Carleton, Tommy can't let go of Grace. Eventually Grace returns - with a husband on her arm. But that doesn't stop the star-crossed lovers from... reconciling. Later, Grace reveals that she's pregnant with Tommy's child.


All the while, Polly Gray has been reunited with her long lost son Michael. But when he's arrested, Polly offers herself to Inspector Campbell in exchange for her son's release. Though she does get her revenge on Derby day.

Tommy Shelby is back.(Credit: BBC)
Tommy Shelby is back.(Credit: BBC)

Season Three

Tommy and Grace marry, but the celebrations end early when a Russian wedding crasher is exposed as an imposter and he needs to take care of business.

In exchange for catching the spy and other "future services", Archduke Romanoff offers Tommy a sapphire.

While wearing a necklace with the sapphire at a charity dinner, Grace is shot and killed by an assassin. Tommy spends the rest of the season in grief.

Elsewhere in the season, Father Hughes is the main offender and he's seriously bad news. He discovers Tommy and Alfie's Russian heist plans, and decides to blackmail Tommy into giving him the jewels they steal by kidnapping his son Charlie and holding him for ransom.

Tommy gets his son back and Father Hughes meets a grizzly end. The Shelby family successfully pull of their heist, and end up a whole lot richer - but not before they're all arrested. Well, all bar Tommy.

Helen McCrory portrayed Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders (Credit: BBC)
Helen McCrory portrayed Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders (Credit: BBC)

Season Four

Tommy strikes a deal to save his family from the noose, but the incident has shaken the family enough to send them separate ways.

The Shelby's eventually reunite when main antagonist Luca Changretta, who ends up killing John while on a mission to avenge his father.

Aunt Polly strikes a deal with Luca to exchange her and Michael's lives for Tommy's - though it's later revealed Tommy was in on it.

Tommy also becomes a father for the second time with Lizzie Stark.

Alfie betrays Tommy and forms an alliance with Luca.

Arthur is killed at a boxing match - or rather fakes his own death, and later comes back to kill Luca once and for all.

Revealing that he has cancer, Alfie encourages Tommy to kill him for his betrayal.

The season ends with Tommy's plans to become an MP for Birmingham South.

Season 6 begins this weekend. (Credit: BBC)
Season 6 begins this weekend. (Credit: BBC)

Season Five

Tommy enters parliament and Ada is his political advisor. But elsewhere, the Shelby business is going under thanks to the crash on Wall Street and Michael's mishandling of funds.

Tommy is up against Scottish Billy Boys and fascist politician Oswald Mosley this season.

Following a recurring pattern, it turns out that Alfie is still alive, and on his return, he agrees to help Tommy assassinate Mosley - but it doesn't go to plan.

The last we see of Tommy is him putting a gun to his head after the hallucinations of his wife Grace grow too much for him.

Aaaaaand that's about where we left things.

Now you're all set to dive in to the new season!

Peaky Blinders season 6 premieres on Sunday 27th February, 9pm on BBC One

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Ali Condon
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