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Peaky Blinders Creator Confirms What Will Happen In The Spinoff Movie

Peaky Blinders Creator Confirms What Will Happen In The Spinoff Movie

We'll see Tommy again soon.

Peaky Blinders fans may still be mourning the end of the beloved drama after it came to an end last weekend, but thanks to creator Steven Knight, they'll see their favourite characters again soon in a feature film.

Before the sixth and final season aired on the BBC, Knight confirmed that a Peaky spin-off film was officially in the works, featuring Tommy Shelby himself.

Although a release date hasn't been discussed just yet, the series creator has already hinted at what fans can expect from Tommy and the gang.

Tommy will be back for the Peaky Blinders movie. (

After the series finale tied up some loose ends and kicked off some new storylines, Steven Knight spoke to Deadline about what the future of Peaky Blinders might look like.

Most notably, when asked about Tommy Shelby's noble fight against fascism, Knight confirmed: "That’s why during the war it becomes very pertinent because the worst predictions have all come true."

And, when asked if the likes of Oswald Mosley might be involved in the film, the creator simply replied: "Yes."

Later on, Steven confirmed that fans would get to see more of Duke Shelby, after the newest Peaky member made quite a splash in the show's final episodes.

Fans will be seeing a lot more of Duke. (

Discussing the estranged Shelby son's likely return in the film, Steven Knight said: "What I want to do is have this new generation come through. I’m really interested in Duke, I’m really interested in Isiah and just watching a new generation come through but with the older generation still there."

Duke had viewers divided in the season finale when he was tasked with running his uncle Finn out of the family.

The youngest of the Shelby brothers, Finn has grown over the last six series from an innocent youngster to a member of the Peaky Blinders.

Finn had been sharing top secret information with Billy Grade last season. (

As a result, some viewers were a little peeved when new kid Duke managed to claw his way to the top in just a few episodes.

But others are excited to see what Duke will do next, as it looks like he could be next in line to take over from Tommy.

Unfortunately, we might be waiting a while before we see what's next for the Peaky Blinders, with production not scheduled to begin until 2023. But we're sure it will be well worth the wait!

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