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Peaky Blinders Fans Are Realising Why Finn Was 'Removed' From The Shelby Family

Peaky Blinders Fans Are Realising Why Finn Was 'Removed' From The Shelby Family

People aren't happy with Finn's ending.

Peaky Blinders fans had a lot to discuss after the Brummie drama officially concluded on Sunday night - but the main name on everyone's lips has been Finn Shelby.

The youngest of the Shelby brothers, Finn has grown over the last six series from an innocent youngster to a member of the Peaky Blinders.

That's why fans were so confused when he was officially 'removed' from the Shelby family in the series finale this weekend, and sent away by Tommy's estranged son Duke.

Watch the scene here:

Reacting to his cold removal from the family, fans took to Twitter and Reddit to try and make sense of it all.

"Has Finn done something that I’ve missed?????? Lol #PeakyBlinders" tweeted one viewer.

"Finn finally getting proper screen time and he’s getting kicked out of the #PeakyBlinders and the family" wrote another disappointed Twitter user.

Looking for answers, one fan took to Reddit to get to the bottom of it, asking: "Why was Finn pushed out of the family? Did I miss something. I know he was going to kill Duke but other than that why was he not to be trusted?"

Others joined the conversation to remind us that Finn had actually betrayed the Shelby family last season by acting as an informant for Billy Grade.

Finn had been sharing top secret information with Billy Grade last season. (

One explained: "Billy was quite blatantly obviously an informant, and the Shelbys knew it. They were distrusting of Finn because he trusted Billy far too much. The final straw was Finn turning his back on them all, and trying to shoot Duke. A member of the family. He betrayed them."

While fans agreed that Finn certainly needed to face repercussions for his betrayal of the family, many agreed that his punishment was a little too harsh.

As well as that, viewers agreed that Finn's banishment from the Shelby family should have happened earlier in the season so he had some time for redemption.

Adding to the discussion, one fan argued: "The reason Finn was cast out happened last season. They should have wrapped this up in the first two episodes of this season. Kill Billy, punish Finn. Would've given Finn 4 episodes to redeem himself.

Fans are disappointed with how Finn's story ended. (

"I think the writers really dropped the ball on this one. Even if Finn was never going to be a peaky blinder, they could have handled this much better."

Another agreed: "Yeh that really shocked me that Arthur and Tommy would cut him out and basically never see their little brother again! He could be a bit “soft” but did he really deserve that??"

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