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E4's One Night Stand Is The Batsh*t New Dating Show People Can't Stop Watching

E4's One Night Stand Is The Batsh*t New Dating Show People Can't Stop Watching

Viewers have been left in shock over a show about reuniting people after a one night stand.

Channel 4 and E4 have reputations for producing dating shows with a twist, and the newest series to hit the airwaves, One Night Stand, is no exception.

The reality dating series, which airs on E4, follows an unlikely premise. Producers have found a way to reunite individuals who had a one-night stand to find out why they lost contact and whether a romance between them can still bloom.

Yes, really.

Although this might sound like a complete nightmare for most people, according to some viewers, the show is actually fairly compelling.

After the huge success of similarly shocking shows like Married at First Sight, Open House: The Great Sex Experiment and last but not least, Naked Attraction, people have been left feeling confused and intrigued by One Night Stand.

While some reactions have been more critical – including one tweet that said: "One night stand on channel 4 is the most cringe thing ever," and another that read: "At what point do we make channel 4 stop with these shows?" – others have been more enthusiastic.

One person joked: "#e4onenightstand is living proof that having sex is the most embarrassing thing a person can do and I’ve never been more asexual in my LIFE."

Another tweet pondered: "How do they find the one night stands for #E4OneNightStand?"

Some people were not happy seeing their one night stand again.

A third quipped: "#e4OneNightStand is bloody awful. But am I already invested? Yes. Will I be watching next week? Absolutely."

Channel 4 even received praise for being 'adventurous' with its programmes by one Twitter user.

On Instagram, one person commented: "Goodness this is wild."

A second user wrote: "Loved this programme such a good idea it brought great honesty to the table and some really good laughs me and my partner was in stitches but me personally I don’t think I’d like a second date with any of my one night stands."

All episodes of One Night Stand are available to watch on All 4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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