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People Can't Stop Watching Channel 4's 'Chaotic' New Dating Show

People Can't Stop Watching Channel 4's 'Chaotic' New Dating Show

Well, they're not wrong.

People have had a lot to say about Channel 4's shocking new reality TV series Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, which saw sexy singletons and committed couples come together to open up their relationships and test out polyamory.

While Channel 4's bold programming isn't new (see: Naked Attraction), viewers were shocked when the explicit show aired after Gogglebox on Friday.

Get a taster for the series here:

The six-episode series produced by Firecracker films aims to promote sex positivity and eliminate the taboos associated with sex and polyamory.

In episode one, viewers watched as couple Jess, 24, and Thom, 33, welcomed contestants to their unique retreat.

Curious couple Nathan, 25, and Mady, 19, and married couple John, 35, and Danielle, 35 arrived in the hopes of trying out an open relationship. Joining them were singletons Lewis and Grace.

Relationship therapist Dr Lori Beth Bisbey was also on hand to guide the couples along on their journey.

Open House is Channel 4's newest explicit TV series.(
Channel 4)

People who found themselves tuned in to the new series quickly took to Twitter to discuss what exactly they were watching.

One wrote: "Lol anyone else watched gogglebox and just couldn’t be arsed to change the channel and now found themselves watching #OpenHouse??🤣😭 I was gonna switch it off but I’m invested in this madness 😭😭."

Another tweeted: "Anyone else just love watching sh*t that’s unbelievably chaotic?? Makes my life seem so much more normal 😂#Openhouse".

A third added: "I’m without internet for a few days and this is the first time I’ve watched normal telly in months. Nearly fell off the sofa when gogglebox finished and I looked up 🥴."

The series continues this Friday. (
Channel 4)

Others were impressed that Channel 4 was brave enough to air something so graphic on TV.

"Channel 4 is mad isn’t it?" wrote one fan. "They show people baking one night and a televised threesome the next. Crazy. "

A second joked: "Channel 4 never stop being you. You sex addicted weirdo you #openhouse".


One Twitter user summed up viewers' sentiments perfectly, joking: "I’m not watching that again! …until next Friday. #openhouse."

The first episode of the Open House aired on April 1st, but can be caught on All4.

And if the series *really* piques your interest, producers are already looking to cast a possible second season.

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment continues at 10pm on Friday, 8th April on Channel 4

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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