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Chilling new true crime follows boy who shot his dad at 17 years old

Chilling new true crime follows boy who shot his dad at 17 years old

'I Just Killed My Dad', a new true crime series has landed on Netflix, follows the shocking story of teen who killed his dad

A chilling new true crime series has landed on Netflix and follows the shocking story of teen who killed his dad. Watch the spine-chilling trailer below:

At the age of 17, Anthony Templet shot and killed his father Burt at their home in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana in June 2019.

After calling 911 and confessing to his crime, the teen claimed that he was acting in self-defence and alleged that his dad had woken the family up at 3.00am.

The teenager said that he then locked himself in his dad's room after Burt began behaving aggressively and when he eventually entered, Anthony fatally shot him.

I Just Killed My Dad delves into the motives that drove Anthony to commit the horrifying crime, revealing that he had suffered years of abuse and was taken away from his family home aged seven.

Viewers learn that the teen was prevented from going to school or to any medical appointments, essentially isolating him from his peers or interacting with anyone who wasn’t his immediate family.

Initially, Anthony was arrested for manslaughter, but the charge was later changed to second degree murder, when he was tried as adult.

Anthony Templet was just 17 when he fatally shot his dad Burt in 2019.

Interestingly when the case went to court, the judge concluded that Anthony wasn't a threat to society and rather than going to prison, he was given a five-year supervised probation period in 2021, which includes counselling.

Since his sentencing, the now 20-year-old said he is focused on repairing his relationship with his mother and grandmother.

The docuseries has got quite the response on social media since it landed on the streaming service on Tuesday, August 9, and many viewers have been sympathising with Anthony.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "I just watched I Just Killed My Dad... oh my heart! I hope he finds healing and I'm glad he got an opportunity for a new life."

"Watching I Just Killed My Dad on Netflix, really feel for the poor son," a second tweeted.

A third penned: “I Just Killed My Dad on Netflix has got to be one of best mini crime docuseries I have ever watched.

“It touched me on a very deep, emotional level.. Anthony Templet, wherever you are – I wish you well and I hope you're living your best life.”

“I just finished watching it myself, honestly it was heart breaking. That poor lad,” another viewer posted. “I just wish him the best for the future and my god he deserves some happiness in his life.

“For once the justice system actually worked.”

I Just Killed My Dad is available to stream now on Netflix

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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