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Viewers already calling for second series of new Netflix period drama

Viewers already calling for second series of new Netflix period drama

The period drama has been a huge hit since it landed on the streaming channel

Ever since new period drama The Empress landed on Netflix, fans have been calling for a season 2.

The steamy show dropped on the streaming platform just days ago, but has already worked its way to a spot in the top 10.

You can watch the trailer below:

The addictive series follows Elisabeth von Wittelsbach who falls for and marries her sister's intended love match, Emperor Franz Joseph.

Based on a novel about the real-life Empress of Austria, the drama follows Elisabeth as she enters the Viennese court.

"When rebellious Elisabeth falls for Emperor Franz and becomes his unlikely bride, she enters a world of tension and intrigue at the Viennese court," Netflix explains.

"Elisabeth is a young woman ahead of her time, rebelling against the rigid rules of the 19th century and the court. She meets Franz, a multi-layered ruler, who played a major role in shaping modern European history.

"Against the backdrop of jealousy, intrigue and power struggles behind the scenes of the Habsburg court - and the emerging question of freedom of the people - the audience is taken into a glittering illusory world, in which a young Sissi must fight for her place at court, as well as the right to be the figurehead of an ailing empire."

Fans are calling for season 2.

Fans have been hooked on the show since it dropped on the platform, with many binge-watching all six episodes in one go.

Now, viewers are calling for season 2 already, with many begging Netflix to announce another series.

One person wrote on Twitter: "@netflix season 2 of the Empress please."

While another said: "The new netflix series The Empress is just spectacular can't wait for the season 2."

And a third added: "Renew The Empress for Season 2! I need to know what happens next."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "@netflix just go ahead and green light season 2 of The Empress.. thannnnkss!"

And a fifth said: "I’m sad I binged & finished The Empress I need season 2 asap @netflix."

The addictive series follows Elisabeth von Wittelsbach.

While Netflix has yet to announce whether there'll be a season 2 of The Empress, there's still plenty of time, with the show only arriving on 29 September.

Considering the show's popularity, it'd certainly make sense for there to be a second instalment on the cards.

Come on Netflix, give the people what they want!

You can watch the first series over on the streaming platform now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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